How to survive a blackout, featuring the BLUETTI AC500


BLUETTI is about to announce the second generation of its modular power station, the AC500. The company is releasing this unit in response to the rising demand for power independence and addressing the blackout issues in many areas of the world. The AC500 is the most powerful solar generator that BLUETTI has ever made, and pair that with the B300S battery pack, and you are covered in an emergency or off-grid living.

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Peace Of Mind In The Event Of A Blackout

Nothing is more frustrating than experiencing a sudden blackout on a hot summer day. With the 24/7 UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) function, the AC500 can automatically detect the power failure and take over 99% of your needs in just 20 milliseconds (you will hardly notice the difference), including CPAP, fridge, microwave oven, washing machine or even your garage heater. The AC500 is designed to cover your essential needs during severe power outages.

Power Monster Doesn’t Mean Mammoth Size

The modular design of the AC500 allows you to expand the capacity by connecting the B300S or B300 external battery packs for a maximum of 18,432Wh of power. In addition, this design significantly shrinks the overall size and unibody weight while increasing the flexibility to carry each module individually instead of everything at once. You can replace any of the batteries according to your particular situation, making the BLUETTI AC500 flexible.

Be Prepared Wherever When You Need Power Most

With the AC500, you’ll not need to rely on the utility grid; no more worries about a power failure. Equip your off-grid life with the AC500 and B300S combo; you can charge it to full with any home wall outlet, in the car with a cigarette lighter port, or even in the wild with prime sunshine. A perfect solution to save electricity bills while always keeping your devices powered and ready to go.

BLUETTI is dedicated to building a future with eco-friendly energy. The AC300, the first modular power station introduced by BLUETTI, has proven to be a triumph since its debut. Now, AC500 is a fully upgraded version with a plethora of excellent features. You can run your high-power devices without hassle with a 5,000W pure sine inverter (10,000W surge). Thanks to the intuitive BLUETTI App, you can directly monitor and control the AC500 from your smartphone!

Antique gasoline generators, which produce toxic fumes, pollution, and unbearable noise and consume non-renewable petroleum resources, are a thing of the past. You can expect the power beast – AC500, to kickstart a new era of go-solar technology. To learn more about the company and see the AC500 and B300S, be sure to check out their website.

How to survive a blackout, featuring the BLUETTI AC500
Backup Power When It Counts!

About BLUETTI: With over ten years of industry experience, BLUETTI has tried to stay true to a sustainable future through green energy storage solutions for indoor and outdoor use while delivering an exceptional eco-friendly experience for everyone in the world. BLUETTI is making its presence in 70+ countries and is trusted by millions of customers across the globe. For more information, please visit BLUETTI online at


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