[VIDEO] EcoFlow announces a new modular power solution for off-grid living


Off-grid living isn’t new; people have been doing it for years. But the past few years have made people seek alternative lifestyles, and off-grid living is one of them. The ultimate off-grid living situation would involve no tech, no power, and no conveniences. But not everyone is ready to throw it all to the wind, and that’s why EcoFlow offers a new modular power solution for off-grid living.

EcoFlow has launched a new line of Power Kits for RVs and off-grid living. Simple in setup, the EcoFlow Power Kits simplify the demanding installation process of existing custom power solutions, allowing users to tailor their settings that best fit their power needs with compact and smart modules.

The EcoFlow Power Kits come with two basic modules – the EcoFlow Power Hub, which acts as the central node for all inputs and outputs, and EcoFlow’s 2K/5KWh LFP Batteries. Based on actual power needs, the EcoFlow Power Hub can connect to up to three LFP Batteries, which together offer a base capacity of 2KWh and are expandable to 15KWh, allowing users to power an RV for 18 hours and an off-grid house for 11 to 14 hours.

In addition, the EcoFlow Power Kits can be bundled with three types of solar panels, including the 100W Rigid/Flexible Solar Panel and the 400W Rigid Solar Panel. By pairing the EcoFlow Power Kits with the solar panels, customers can achieve a maximum 4800W solar input which can fully charge a 15KWh capacity in about 3 hours, and enjoy a sustainable lifestyle off-grid.

For more control, the EcoFlow Power Kits can be enhanced with the AC/DC Smart Distribution Panel, which connects to up to six home/RV AC circuits and 12 DC circuits. Once connected, users can monitor the power consumption of all 18 circuits and control six of the DC circuits via the optional Power Kit Console or EcoFlow app.

EcoFlow Power Kits

EcoFlow announces a new modular power solution for off-grid living

“The EcoFlow Power Kits are designed to make creating custom power solutions easier than ever,” said Thomas Chan, R&D Director at EcoFlow. “EcoFlow wants to offer energy solutions that can be personalized to users’ exact needs, whether they are in an RV, off-grid or retrofitting their workshops.”

With dozens of modules, most modular power solutions will take an experienced user 10 to 15 hours to install. In comparison, the EcoFlow Power Kits contain no more than four modules (not including solar panels) and fewer wires, making the installation process three times faster than the industry average while reducing the risk of incorrect wiring.

Power Kits can be charged via six different power sources including solar panels, the EcoFlow Smart Generator, alternators, shore power, the grid, and traditional generators. With various charging methods and the ability to fully recharge a 15KWh capacity with a 6000W input in 2.5 hours, the EcoFlow Power Kits free users from low-battery anxiety during their RV road trips or when living off-grid. 

The Power Kits utilizes a unique 48V system compared to traditional 12V systems. This allows the EcoFlow Power Kits to enhance the user experience on multiple levels including safety, energy efficiency, versatility, and ease of use.

The Power Hub is the industry’s first five-in-one central power system that integrates two Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar charge controllers, one battery charger with MPPT, one inverter-charger, and one DC-DC step-down converter. With fewer components, the EcoFlow Power Hub makes it easy for users to expand or scale down their own EcoFlow Power Kits. On top of that, the EcoFlow LFP Batteries are designed to be stackable. To save space, users can stack up to three LFP Batteries.

EcoFlow announces a new modular power solution for off-grid living

The Power Kits come in three different packages to best suit user needs. Starting with the Get Set Kit, users can have their basic power needs covered with the EcoFlow Power Hub and LFP Batteries. Going a step further, the Premium Kit adds the AC/DC Smart Distribution Panel to the mix to provide users circuit-level control over their energy consumption. Lastly, for the best user experience and greatest power needs, the Ultimate Kit provides every aforementioned module with the addition of the Power Kit Console and EcoFlow Smart Generator.

Each of the three kits comes with five bundles of different capacities from 2KWh to 15KWh, making for 15 bundles in total. Customers can choose the bundle that best fits their power needs with the help of EcoFlow’s Power Calculator, which will be live on EcoFlow’s website on July 5. Pricing and more information can be had by contacting the company or visiting their site.

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