Twelve fun pieces of tech for the end of summer


Summer is drawing to a close, but we still have a few weeks left of pleasant weather. Outdoor enthusiasts need to take advantage of the limited time left before the cold temperatures set in. Here are 12 fun pieces of technology you should get for the end of the summer.

1.    Bluetti AC50S Portable Power Station

Outdoor summer activities tend to be day-long affairs. Instead of charging your devices to 100% and hoping they last the whole day, get a portable power station. The Bluetti AC50S charges up to 11 devices at once, including phones, speakers, electric stoves, mini-fridges, and many others. It can also recharge from sunlight thanks to its built-in solar panel.

2.    GoPro Hero 8

GoPro has been the leader in durable outdoor cameras for over a decade. You can’t go wrong with any of its camera options, but the Hero 8 is the most cost-effective of the bunch. It has all the features you’d expect, including 4K video quality, video stabilization, an auto-upload function, and a waterproof casing. It’s also compatible with all kinds of GoPro attachments, making filming easier and more entertaining.

3.    CGear Sand-Free Beach Mat

Perhaps the worst thing about the beach is the tendency for sand to get everywhere. It gets in your hair, on your clothes, and in your car. CGear’s sand-free beach mat offers a solution. This mat is soft enough to lounge on, but its high-density weaving filters out the sand to keep your stuff sand-free. Its sizes range from 6×6 to 12×12 feet.

4.    BOOM Movement Swimmer Speaker

Lots of speakers claim to be waterproof these days, but only a select few can literally operate underwater. The BOOM Movement Swimmer Speaker belongs in that elite category. It can play music while completely submerged for 30 minutes. The type of water doesn’t matter – pools, oceans, lakes, and showers are all fair game.

5.    Finis Tempo Trainer Pro

Summer is easily the best season for outdoor exercise. The pleasant weather and outdoor scenery make training more enjoyable. Still, you have to make sure you’re improving. The Finis Tempo Trainer Pro is a simple yet effective device that helps you develop a consistent pace in your training, whether you like to walk, run, cycle, or swim.

6.    Barillo Travel Bartending Kit

If you’re over 21, chances are good your next summer adventure will involve some alcohol. Barillo’s travel bartending kit has every tool you need to make delicious cocktails. The tools are stainless steel and rust-proof, while the waxed canvas case with rustic leather straps gives it a sophisticated look.

Twelve fun pieces of tech for the end of summer
Finish off the summer with new gadgets

7.    Wacaco Portable Espresso Maker

Coffee is another drink you might need to keep the party going. Wacaco’s portable espresso maker is the perfect device for the job. It’s manually operated with a patented pump system that reaches up to 261 PSI – more than enough pressure for a quality espresso shot. It also weighs just .71 pounds, so you can bring this thing anywhere.

8.    BioLite CampStove 2+

Experienced hikers know that propane stoves are often too large and heavy. But BioLite’s CampStove 2+ is a small, 2-pound device that emits smokeless flames. All you need to do is add a few twigs and let the stove do the rest. Its LED dashboard also monitors the fire’s temperature, strength, and electric output, helping you cook food with precision on the trail.

9.    Outdoor Products Watertight Box

It’s often a hassle trying to protect our phones, wallets, and other small devices from the elements. Outdoor Products’ watertight box has a watertight seal and a shatterproof design that keeps everything out. The biggest size measures 3.5 x 6.8 x 8 inches, which is more than big enough for multiple phones.

10.  Thermacell Portable Mosquito Repellent Lantern

Mosquitos are a sworn enemy of outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. They can carry debilitating diseases and leave red, itchy abrasions with every bite. The portable mosquito repeller from Thermacell emits a dull light and scent-free insect repellent with a 15-foot radius. No more mosquitoes and no more greasy, stinky bug spray.

11.  Wise Owl DoubleOwl Hammock Swing Bed

Nobody likes setting up or breaking down tents when they go camping. Wise Owl’s outdoor hammock is a comfortable alternative that takes just a few minutes to set up. It’s designed to take pressure off your back and has adjustable heights to meet your preferences. It also comes with a bug net to ward off pesky insects.

12.  Logitech K310 Washable Keyboard

With only a few weeks of summer left, you’ll probably start to spend more time indoors on your electronics. The Logitech K310 Washable Keyboard would make a great addition to your PC setup. Keyboards are among the dirtiest areas in the whole house, gathering new germs with every use. Washing your keyboard will help prevent illnesses when flu season arrives.

End This Summer on a High Note

Summer is a time for adventure, exploration, and discovery. We are obligated to spend as much time outside as possible between June and September. You still have time if you didn’t check everything off your summer bucket list this year! Consider adding these pieces of technology to your collection so you can end this summer on a high note.

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