New on Netflix September 16-22: Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke Do Revenge

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As usual, Netflix is adding a few new shows and movies between September 16-22nd. You can also check out what’s leaving Netflix and Netflix Canada in September if you want to binge those first.

NOTE: Titles without a 🇺🇸 or 🇨🇦 designation after them are coming to both countries, while country-specific titles will be indicated as such. Flag symbols within the parenthesis indicate the country in which the film or series was produced.

Without further ado, let’s check out the New on Netflix September 16-22nd list, which is headlined by Riverdale‘s Camila Mendes and Stranger Things‘ Maya Hawke in Do Revenge.

Coming soon in September

These titles are coming sometime in September, not necessarily over the next week, so be sure to keep an eye out for them!

  • Plan A Plan B (NETFLIX FILM 🇮🇳): When an earnest matchmaker moves into an office next to a cynical divorce attorney, their bitter conflict is complicated by a growing attraction.
  • Trauma: Seasons 1-5 🇨🇦
  • Who Likes My Follower? (NETFLIX SERIES 🇪🇸): Three successful influencers each help one of their followers narrow down a field of dating prospects, hoping to trade digital likes for real-life love.

And now for the Netflix September 16-22nd list:

September 16

  • The Brave Ones (NETFLIX SERIES 🇿🇦): Reincarnated as a human being to avenge her sister’s death, a goddess must learn to harness her superpowers to defeat her enemies and save her family.
  • Do Revenge (NETFLIX FILM): After a clandestine run-in, Drea (Alpha, fallen it girl played by Camila Mendes) and Eleanor (beta, new alt girl played by Maya Hawke) team up to go after each other’s tormentors. Do Revenge is a subverted Hitchcock-ian dark comedy featuring the scariest protagonists of all: teenage girls.
  • Drifting Home (NETFLIX ANIME 🇯🇵): One fateful summer, a group of elementary school kids set adrift on an abandoned apartment building must look within themselves to find a way back home.
  • Fate: The Winx Saga: Season 2 (NETFLIX SERIES): Bloom tries to understand and control her powers while she and the other students at Alfea pull together to defend Solaria from a catastrophic threat.
  • Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance (NETFLIX FAMILY 🇦🇺): In the wake of an injury, American teen Kyra Berry gets a second chance to chase her dreams — and a gymnastics scholarship — in faraway Australia.
  • I Used to Be Famous (NETFLIX FILM 🇬🇧): Two decades after his peak, a former boy band star gets an unexpected second shot at success when he forms a bond with a gifted young drummer.
  • Jogi (NETFLIX FILM 🇮🇳): Amid tension in 1980s India, three friends of different faiths unite in a noble yet dangerous effort to save hundreds in their town.
  • Love Is Blind: After the Altar: Season 2 (NETFLIX SERIES): After the experiment, reality comes into focus. What happened to the couples and singles from Love is Blind season two after the weddings? Love is truly blind, but is the future blurry? Follow the stories of Jarrette, Iyanna, Deepti, Shayne, Natalie and more when Love is Blind: After the Altar (S2) premieres September 16th.
  • Mirror, Mirror (NETFLIX FILM 🇪🇸): Five employees grapple with their respective desires by arguing with themselves in the mirror, ahead of their cosmetic company’s 50th anniversary party.
  • Santo (NETFLIX SERIES 🇪🇸): Two cops (Bruno Gagliasso, Raúl Arévalo) must learn to work together to catch the world’s most-wanted drug dealer, whose face has never been revealed.
  • Skandal! Bringing Down Wirecard (NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY 🇬🇧): Upstart payment firm Wirecard wowed the financial industry with its runaway success — until a tenacious team of journalists exposed massive fraud.
  • This Is the End 🇺🇸
  • Travelin’ Band: Creedence Clearwater Revival at the Royal Albert Hall 🇺🇸: Featuring never-before-seen concert footage and narration by Jeff Bridges, this documentary explores CCR’s humble origins and meteoric rise. 

September 19

  • Go Dog Go: Season 3 (NETFLIX FAMILY): The gang’s on-the-go adventures take an un-fur-gettable turn when Tag, Scooch and friends welcome a new family to Pawston and show them all around town!

September 20

  • Patton Oswalt: We All Scream (NETFLIX COMEDY): Filmed at Paramount Theatre in Denver Colorado, Patton makes his directorial debut with his fourth Netflix comedy special, We All Scream. Discussing what happens to our bodies as we get older,  who he could have been had he just followed the list he created during the lockdown, the Baby Boomer’s last temper tantrum  and much more.

September 21

  • The Blacklist: Season 9 🇨🇦
  • Designing Miami (NETFLIX SERIES): Miami’s two hottest designers aren’t just competitors, they’re also husband and wife. Eilyn and Ray Jimenez are making South Florida chicer one house at a time – she with a minimalist aesthetic and he with a more maximalist approach. Juggling the needs of their deep pocketed clients, their staffs of young designers, their close-knit families (some of whom are also contractors) and their relationship with each other isn’t easy, but this talented, stylish duo manages to pull it off while always maintaining a healthy sense of humor.
  • For Love 🇨🇦
  • Fortune Seller: A TV Scam (NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY 🇮🇹): Savvy saleswomen or devious scammers? Wanna Marchi and Stefania Nobile became the undisputed queens of Italian TV shopping — until they went too far.
  • Iron Chef Mexico (NETFLIX SERIES 🇲🇽): Rising talents participate in this cooking competition against three of Mexico’s finest chefs to win the mythical katana and become the Legendary Chef.
  • The Perfumier (NETFLIX FILM 🇩🇪): To regain her sense of smell and get back her lover, a detective joins forces with a perfume maker who uses deadly methods to create the perfect scent.
  • The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist (NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY): First there was the reality series, then came a Hollywood movie— but the truth about the Bling Ring burglaries has never been told…until now. 10 years after the notorious heists, the culprits have served their jail time and are coming forward to tell the real story behind the Hollywood Hills home-invasions that gripped the nation. A cautionary tale for teens today, the docuseries shows what can happen when a fame-and-celebrity-obsessed culture meets the rise of social media and spins wildly out of control. Featuring interviews with Alexis Haines (Neiers), Nick Norgo (Prugo), Andrea Arlington, Gabrielle Hames, Audrina Patridge, and Perez Hilton.

September 22

  • The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone (NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY 🇦🇺): Sharing her journey from child to teen activist, Georgie Stone looks back at her life and historic fight for transgender rights in this documentary.
  • Karma’s World: Season 4 (NETFLIX FAMILY): New songs and adventures await in Hansberry Heights as Karma rhymes her way through bigger challenges and shows up for her family, friends and community.
  • Snabba Cash: Season 2 (NETFLIX SERIES 🇸🇪): Tormented by memories of Salim, Leya can’t seem to escape her past as the ruthless chase for easy money continues.
  • Thai Cave Rescue (NETFLIX SERIES): A Thai youth soccer team and their assistant coach are trapped within Tham Luang Cave, prompting a global rescue effort. Inspired by true events.

And there you have the New on Netflix and Netflix Canada September 16-22nd list. Be sure to check back next week to see what’s in store for the week following.

What titles from the Netflix and Netflix Canada September 16-22nd list are you going to be binging on over the next week? Are you going to be checking out the fifth season of Cobra Kai, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners or something else? Let us know on social media by using the buttons below.


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