What kind of technology is the modern RV equipped with?


Technology is evolving in many industries, and the recreational vehicle (RV) market is no exception. RVs have come a long way since Dr. William Gordon Stables commissioned the first RV in the late 19th century in the United Kingdom.

People used to take their RVs to a campsite to escape technology. Nowadays, these vehicles have a lot to offer. Some enthusiasts have started making a home out of their RV and living permanently in it. This guide will show you the technology of modern RVs that allows people to live as if they were in a conventional house.

1.    Smart Technology

Smart technology has significantly impacted the way people live their lives. You can use smartphones and smartwatches while doing leisurely activities or track medical data like blood oxygen levels and sleep quality. This convenient technology has come to RVs to make life easier for people on the road.

With smart technology, owners can use their cell phones to control multiple components. At the press of a button, they can extend and retract the awnings, control the thermostat, and turn on the lights. Typically, you won’t need Wi-Fi or cell phone service to access the controls. Depending on your technology, you need to be within a specific range, about 50 feet or closer.

2.    Electric RVs

Automotive manufacturers have quickly adopted greener technologies to reduce carbon emissions. Electric cars are better for the environment and have reduced dependence on fossil fuels. You may see similar advancements in the RV industry with an electric version on the horizon.

In early 2022, Winnebago announced plans for a zero-emission RV. Thor Industries later announced a similar model in the making. Winnebago hasn’t yet started production on their electric RV, but the company said it would release plans in late 2022. The RV will have a driving range of about 125 miles on a full, 86-kWh battery. Winnebago says it will try to increase the capacity to 200 miles after charging for 45 minutes.

3.    Renewable Energy

The world has started to become more environmentally conscious. Using renewable energy has become commonplace as people look to reduce their carbon footprints. RV drivers have also found a way to incorporate cleaner energy. Many people fit their RVs with solar panels and wind turbines. You may find these components on a house’s rooftop, but today you can use them on your recreational vehicle.

Some people install solar panels on the roof of their RV. The panels absorb the sun’s energy and create an electrical current that powers the RV’s battery and the appliances inside the vehicle. Solar technology helps people eliminate the hassle of finding electricity because it’s available from the sun.

Despite the advanced tech that comes with modern RVs, they’re surprisingly accessible for today’s drivers; those who are interested should research their options.

The new EcoFlow Power Kits allow RVs to power everything on battery power.
The new EcoFlow Power Kits allow RVs to power everything on battery power.

4.    Sound Systems

Radios and boomboxes have been a staple of campers for a long time, but newer technology allows RV owners to use sophisticated sound systems built into their vehicles. People who live in their RVs can catch their favorite shows and watch the big football games with better sound systems than in the past. These devices make planning an RV trip easier because you can go on the road and not worry about missing something important.

RVs typically have speakers in the front, and now you’ll find models with systems in the back and outside of the vehicle too. Today’s gadgets include dash stereos, where you can control the music and volume with a simple touchscreen. These sound systems often have Bluetooth capabilities, so you can wirelessly play music and other media from your phone.

5.    Weight Monitors

Any large vehicle driver knows the importance of weighing your rig while you’re on the road. For safety purposes, manufacturers will typically set a weight limit for the RV when it’s on the road. RV owners used to have to check the vehicle’s weight a couple of times during their trips, but now they can use technology to save time.

Companies like Keystone have apps where you can check the RV’s weight on your smartphone or tablet. The apps work by monitoring the weight each axle is bearing and the hitch of your RV. Now, you can check the weight on your phone instead of stopping at a weigh station. This technology keeps RV drivers safer, especially when driving over bridges.

6.    Modern Camp Kitchens

Older RVs used to have running water through a sink, and that’s about it. If you wanted to cook, you had to bring your own grill to the campsite. However, newer RVs have kitchens built into the rigs. You can open up your kitchen at the press of a button and see a sink, mini-fridge, grills and griddles, and more.

Typically, you’ll see the kitchen area in the back of the vehicle. You’ll see a flat-top counter with a sink when you open up the back. You’ll likely have drawers you can pull out, each with a burner for cooking. Some RVs even come with microwaves and spice racks if you want extra flavor in your food.

Driving RVs in 2022 and Beyond

RVs have become more popular in the past few years. Since 2011, RV ownership has risen by 26%, with over 11 million households owning one of these vehicles. The pandemic has contributed to the rise because more people are working remotely. Some people want to live and work in their RVs, which is possible now because of modern technology.

There are even some people who are able to work in such a setup allowing for a measure of freedom that earlier generations have never known. So recreational vehicles can be used for more than just fun; they can literally become an office on wheels.

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