Real-world Ford F-150 Lightning EV towing test produces poor results


When Ford announced the Ford F-150 Lightning EV, I was very excited. I am a fan of many of Ford’s vehicles; I have an F-150 and Flex. I also have an interest in electric vehicles (EVs). Not for environmental reasons; instead, I like them for performance reasons and because I hate changing the oil and filling up the fuel in my petrol vehicles.

But over the past year, I have been reading some concerning statistics about zero emissions, EVs, and green energy. Some believe we are being sold on a promise that has a very long way to go. You can read my editorial on the topic here. I want the Ford F-150 Lightning EV to be successful; I think an electric truck with a good range and all the traits of a petrol truck would be fantastic. But if one YouTuber’s real-world test is any indication, it’s not looking good.

Hoovies Garage is a popular YouTube channel that showcases cars and automotive culture. Hoovie purchased a Ford F-150 Lightning EV and has been making videos with it. In a September 23, 2022 video, Hoovie did a real-world test of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning EV’s towing abilities. The results were not exciting and, frankly, profoundly concerning. Hoovie found that the range of the Lightning dramatically dropped by half when towing a simple 1,400-pound empty trailer. You can watch the full video below.

The F-150 used in the test was the base Lariat model, but its specifications should have easily handled the 1,400-pound trailer and 2,200-pound classic truck. Some may argue that Hoovie’s test was not scientific, but I’d say that real-world testing is what matters.

This test shows that, at least in this particular truck, the range of the Ford F-150 Lightning EV is drastically affected when applying a load to it. Some may argue that petrol and diesel fuel would garner similar results, which is true, but the range lost here looks to be far more than you would lose in a petrol truck.

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