Samsung updates its mobile experience with One UI 5

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One UI 5 is just around the corner for Samsung mobile users, and the company promises some new features and revamped experience. One UI 5 is the latest form of Samsung’s Android software, but it wasn’t all good back in the TouchWiz days.

Some users still refuse to use Samsung because of the past horrible experience TouchWiz offered them. But perhaps One UI 5 will change their minds. Overall, Samsung has done some great things with One UI, and I think it’s one of the best Android overlay’s out there, certainly better than some of the budget Android phones coming out of China.

One UI 5 represents Samsung’s most personalized mobile experience yet, designed to give users greater options for tailoring their devices exactly how they’d like. Key features highlighted in the story include:

  • Bixby Text Call: With this new feature, users can simply answer phone calls from any environment – such as a busy train or a loud concert – by typing a message. Bixby then converts the text to audio, shares it directly with the caller, and then converts the caller’s voice to text.
  • Routines and Modes: With Routines, users can trigger a sequence of actions on their device based on their activities, and with Modes, they can create customized settings for different parts of their life – including sleeping, exercising, driving, and more.
  • Improved Widgets: New stacked widgets enable users to keep their home screen neat and tidy, and smart suggestions for widgets automatically suggest apps and actions based on their mobile activity.
  • Privacy Enhancements: One UI 5 makes it easier than ever for users to keep their devices protected and their sensitive information private with the new Security and Privacy Dashboard and a new notification on the Share Panel that warns users before they share photos with potentially sensitive information, such as an image of their credit card.

You can read more in-depth coverage of all the One UI 5 updates and features on Samsung’s blog.

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