The Govee TV Backlight T2 gives your TV experience an affordable kick


TV backlighting has been around for a bit now, and Phillips has been one of the big names in the market. But the technology has been decreasing in price and often in quality too. I have purchased a few kits for under US$100 that were awful. The Govee TV Backlight T2 is looking to change that.

The Govee TV Backlight T2 will set you back US$139.99, but it looks promising. The company had previously released the Govee TV Backlight T1, and they say that the T2 version is 40% more color accurate. The new dual camera design is supposed to make calibrating it easier and contribute to the colors’ accuracy. Here are the features Govee claims on its website.

Govee TV Backlight T2

The Govee TV Backlight T2 gives your TV experience an affordable kick
  • Govee Envisual Technology: Zone-division capture scheme provides real-time color matching to enhance your visual experience.
  • Innovative Dual Camera Design: Upgraded dual camera design captures content 40% more accurately.
  • Enhanced RGBIC Lighting: Double the light beads for more vivid and natural lighting.
  • Enhanced Music Mode: Choose between 4 modes (Energetic, Rhythm, Spectrum, Rolling) and energize your parties.
  • Unlock Home Theater Magic: Control your T2 TV Backlight using Alexa and Google Assistant.

Here are the specifications of the T2 kit.

  • Model: H605C(For 55-65 inch TV)
  • Suitable TV Size: 55-65 inch
  • Length: 11.8ft/ 4 Sections
  • Light Color: RGBIC
  • Beads Density: 60 LEDs/m
  • Connection: Wi-Fi+Bluetooth
  • Control Method: App, Control Box, Voice Control

We have our hands on the Govee TV Backlight T2, and we plan on taking it for a spin to see how well it does. We can’t compare it to the higher-end brands, as we’ve never used those, but if Govee’s claims are correct, we should have a good experience. Stay tuned for more soon! Be sure to check out our Govee outdoor lighting article here.

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