Soundcore made true wireless gaming earbuds designed for Meta Quest 2

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Soundcore has announced the fir audio product authorized for use with Meta Quest 2, the new VR P10 gaming earbuds. The two companies collaborated on making these true wireless earbuds compatible with the Meta Quest 2.

“We are excited that the VR P10 will be the first audio product to receive the ‘Made For Meta’ endorsement,” said Steven Yang, founder, and CEO of Anker Innovations. “Our new low-latency earbuds will be the perfect gaming accessory for Meta Quest 2 users.”

Here is what Soundcore had to say about the new VR P10 gaming earbuds for Meta Quest 2.

“The VR P10 were truly designed for video game fans. The VR P10 can pair to an included USB-C dongle that operates using a 2.4 GHz wireless connection with compatibility with the LC3 codec, and when not in use, the wireless dongle can easily be stored inside the charging case.”

“The USB-C dongle features Soundcore’s LightningSync wireless technology that provides a low-latency connection between the device and earbuds, reducing audio latency to 30ms, perfect for avid gamers. Using the wireless dongle ensures that audio cues align with what’s on a user’s Meta Quest 2 VR headset. When playing first-person shooter (FPS) or reaction-type games, it is imperative that audio cues align with the video as misaligned audio can be quite distracting to users.”

Soundcore made true wireless gaming earbuds designed for Meta Quest 2

“The VR P10 offers the ability to connect to multiple devices simultaneously. Users can connect their mobile device for calls or music using Bluetooth while also being connected to a Meta Quest 2 using the USB-C wireless dongle to hear in-game audio.”

“The VR P10 allows users to connect up to four wireless dongles simultaneously in different devices. For example, a user can plug in one dongle in their Quest 2 VR headset, another one in a PlayStation 5, a third dongle in a Valve® Steam Deck®, and a fourth wireless dongle in a gaming PC. This prevents the need to switch a single dongle between devices physically. Users can toggle which dongle is active using the Soundcore app.”

The new VR P10 features an 11mm dynamic driver with BassUp technology to add punchy lower frequencies. Soundcore also added Bluetooth 5.2 for better connectivity, and you can plug in a USB-C cable to charge while gaming. The battery life is up to 6 hours of playtime and 24 hours with the charging case.

The new Soundcore VR P10 gaming earbuds for Meta Quest 2 are available today for US$99.99 online from Soundcore, Amazon, or Meta. When purchasing on Soundcore’s website or, users can save $20 through October 31 using the code: GETVRP10. The VR P10 will ship with one USB-C wireless dongle. Additional wireless dongles are slated to be available for $14.99 on or in mid-late November.

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