Watch: Food delivery robot gets toasted by freight train


The humble and cute food delivery robot is a sight that is becoming more common in many areas of the world. The food delivery robot was designed to bring meat sacs dinner while they enjoy relaxing at home watching The Kardashians.

The cute little food delivery robot is a hard worker, fears nothing, and does its utmost best to deliver on time. These little autonomous robots are designed to work rain or shine, but there is one thing designers failed to consider: freight trains.

A Tweet from @WeeklyRobotics sourced a Reddit post with the video below showing a lowly and small food delivery robot being crushed into a fiery hell without mercy.

As you can see, the little guy stood no chance as the freight train bore down on it and sent the little dude to robot heaven. We’ve had no word on what the robot was carrying or if the customer ever received their order from the restaurant.

While this situation is amusing, the lesson here is that this technology still has some bugs. It’s evident that these robots were not programmed to take train tracks or hazardous crossings such as train tracks into account. While the event was tragic, and we hope the family of the robot gets justice, the design team for these robots certainly has some new data to work with and use to improve the design.

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