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Workplace training is challenging. Many employees get little to no training and are entirely self-taught. 70% of employees report they don’t have the skills needed to do their jobs, while only 12% apply the skills learned in training to their jobs. Is the answer microlearning?

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How can employers work towards fixing employee training gaps? First, employers must notice that traditional training methods are becoming increasingly ineffective. On average, it takes seven clicks to access information in a learning management system, but learners perceive a 50% increase in difficulty after only three clicks. Creating a basic, one-hour “click-and-read” training course takes 87 minutes. Lasting learning is not created in stand-alone events, and the attention span of an adult is only 20 minutes, only one-fifth of a standard training session.

Microlearning can help fill in the gaps in workplace training. Employers can fit training into the workday without location and time restraints, as microlearning courses are five minutes long and take place via messaging apps. They come with quick reminders that boost collaboration, social learning, and employee engagement. Microlearning courses also have targeted remedial practice, guided practice, and the ability to answer questions via chatbot. Employers can personalize microlearning courses by using contextual triggers, such as the participant reaching a milestone.

Microlearning is 17% more effective than traditional training methods. Workers are met where they are with message-based courses through their messages app, Microsoft Teams, or even WhatsApp. Learners in these courses also don’t have to deal with irrelevant information, enhancing their learning experience. 

Microlearning is used by many large non-profit organizations and some Fortune 500 companies. With pragmatic content, users are given prompts to apply the information to make sure they understand what they learned, contributing to the 80% information retention rate that microlearning has. It is the right learning at the right time in the right place.

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microlearning infographic

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