Blenders Eyewear review: Blue light glasses for any style

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Our Blenders Eyewear review looks at a few pairs of the various blue light glasses that the company offers at a pretty reasonable price.

For a large part of society, a big part of each day involves sitting in front of screens, whether they be computer screens, phone screens, or televisions. For some of us, doing so can cause eye strain and headaches. Fortunately, some glasses block the blue light that can cause eye strain and the headaches that result, making it easier to work or just enjoy watching media or gaming.

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Our Blenders Eyewear review looks at a few pairs of the various blue light glasses that the company offers at a pretty reasonable price. Read on for our full review!


The Blenders Eyewear Blue Light Glasses we reviewed have the following features:

  • Blue-light-blocking level of 20% without having to tint the lenses yellow
  • Can fight off blurry vision, chronic headaches, and sleepless nights
  • Scientifically proven to cut down on strain associated with prolonged digital device usage

What’s in the box

  • Blenders Eyewear Blue Light Blocking Glasses
  • Carrying pouch
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Stickers
  • Care guide
What's included with a pair of Blenders Eyewear Blue Light Glasses
What’s included with a pair of Blenders Eyewear Blue Light Glasses.


Currently, Blenders Eyeware lists 26 different styles on its website. The company was kind enough to send over three of these styles: Rock Break, Better Biz, and Biz Maker. All three feature a full plastic front frame, with rounder lenses. The Rock Break and Better Biz start with black on the top of the frame which fades into clear at the bottom. The Rock Break has a matte finish while the Better Biz style is a big glossier.

The arms on the Rock Break are also plastic, thick towards the temple and narrowing out behind the ears. Our review sample came with a mottled black and clear finish on the arms. The arms on the Better Biz, however, are thinner and metal. The back portion which fits over the ears is covered with blue plastic for a comfortable fit.

The Biz Maker are a bit different, and almost a mix of the two. Our review sample was the dark/clear tortoise pattern. The front lens frame, however, was darker with very little clear visible. The arms are thinner than the Rock Break but still plastic, and thicker than the metal arms on the Better Biz. Curiously enough, the lens frame on the Biz Maker was flat, while the Rock Break and Better Biz are curved inward slightly.

While the Biz Maker was my favourite look, the Rock Break and Better Biz fit a bit better due to the curved front frame. All three pairs were equally comfortable, however, and I had no complaints about any of them. Also, a soft carrying pouch and cleaning cloth are included with each pair of glasses.

As for the lenses, they are fairly clear but do have a very very slight yellow tint. It’s not as noticeable as some other blue light blocking glasses, but it is there.

The Blender Eyewear Rock Break, Biz Maker, and Better Biz Blue Light Glasses
The Blender Eyewear Rock Break, Biz Maker, and Better Biz Blue Light Glasses.

Of course, all three of these do come in different colour variations as well. Given the number of styles and colour options available, you should be able to easily find a pair (or three) you like.


We could easily debate blue light and its adverse effects, as well as potential solutions all day long. I normally wear glasses to see. However, in the past couple of years, I’ve found that I can read better without glasses on but still need them to see far. No, I’m not ready for progressives yet so I just set my workstation appropriately so that I can work all day without wearing my glasses. However, since I started doing so, I did notice that I feel more tired and from time to time will get the odd headache. My prescription glasses came with blue light blocking, and I have been getting that coating for quite a few years now.

The Blenders Eyewear Blue Light Glasses are the perfect solution for me. Non-prescription, after about a week of wearing them while working, I didn’t feel as tired. A few months on, and the odd headaches are even fewer and far between. I recently tried a week without them, just to see, and the tired feeling returned. Of course, there are other factors like how busy I may be in a given week, but (as a non-scientist), I feel like the glasses do help minimize the adverse effects of blue light when I’m wearing them.

They do take a bit of getting used to though if you wear prescription glasses regularly. To be honest, however, it really is no different than when you get a new pair of glasses with a new shape, style, or prescription.


With various styles to choose from, the Blenders Eyewear Blue Light Glasses are $49 or $59 depending on the style. While you can get blue light blocking glasses cheaper, they do vary in quality. With the Blenders Eyewear options, you are getting pretty decent quality frames with clear blue light lenses. While these are the prices for non-prescription frames, the company does have prescription styles that you can add blue light anti-reflective lenses for an additional charge.


If you work at a computer all day and feel tired or get frequent headaches, you may want to invest in a pair of blue light glasses. Blenders Eyewear offers plenty of different styles and colour options, as well as blue light coatings on their prescription models. Not only are they stylish and comfortable, but during my time with them, I now have a pair at work and another at home for use while not wearing my prescription glasses.

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