[CES 2023] Latest Lenovo ThinkVision monitors include 49″ model for dual-computer use


CES 2023 is fast approaching and Lenovo made a few announcements yesterday, including unveiling their latest ThinkVision monitor lineup. The new lineup also includes a couple of mini-LED monitors, VoIP monitors, and professional-grade displays.

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Let’s check out some of the monitors Lenovo will be releasing next year.

ThinkVision Mini LED monitors

The Lenovo ThinkVision P32pz-30 Mini LED monitor
The Lenovo ThinkVision P32pz-30 Mini LED monitor.

Two new Lenovo ThinkVision Mini LED monitors join the company’s lineup later next year. They will be available in 27- and 31.5-inch models and feature 1,152 dimming zones, support HDR10 and HLG formats, and are DisplayHDR1000-certified to reach a peak brightness of 1200 nits.

“Built for creatives, both monitors include dual-color standards – DCI-P3 and Adobe RGB – to accommodate graphic and video use and have flicker-free technology built in to help reduce eye fatigue. They also feature Lenovo’s ThinkColour software that enables easy color configuration and management of display settings in a simple point-and-click interface. Incredibly intuitive, these ThinkVision Mini LED monitors also include energy-saving human detection and light sensors that automatically dim the screen when the user steps away, and can adjust screen brightness to match the amount of ambient light detected.”

Lenovo press release

The ThinkVision Mini LED P27pz-30 and P32pz-30 will be available starting August 2023. The P32pz-30 will retail for $1599 and pricing will be forthcoming for the P27pz-30 model.

ThinkVision VoIP monitors

The Lenovo ThinkVision T24vm-30 VoIP monitor
The Lenovo ThinkVision T24vm-30 VoIP monitor.

The Lenovo ThinkVision VoIP monitors aim to simplify the virtual meeting experience with an integrated camera, built-in dual microphones, and two integrated 5W speakers. The company will be offering up two 23.8-inch FHD models with slightly different feature sets and a larger 27-inch QHD version.

“Other smart features that can be easily controlled via settings include a smart traffic light that turns red when the user is on a call, a “sitting” reminder that alerts them when they’ve spent too much time in front of the screen, and a distance warning that will make users aware when they are sitting too close to the monitor. These next-generation ThinkVision VoIP monitors also include human detection and light sensors for automatic screen adjustments and are among the first devices to achieve Eyesafe® Certification 2.0 with natural low blue light technology.”

Lenovo press release

The ThinkVision VOIP T27hv-30, T24mv-30 and T24v-30 monitors will be available starting May 2023. Prices are expected to start from $519, $399, and $259 respectively.

ThinkVision professional-grade displays

Lenovo isn’t forgetting about those needing higher resolutions and has announced the ThinkVision P32p-30 31.5-inch 4K monitor.

“The ThinkVision P32p-30 is a 31.5-inch, 4K UHD monitor built for those that require a higher echelon of resolution. The rich colors that emanate off of this 3-side borderless display are a result of its IPS feature and dual color standards that produce a more accurate and realistic color performance that isn’t distorted by the natural low blue light technology within.”

Lenovo press release

The Lenovo ThinkVision P32p-30 will be available starting April 2023 with an MSRP of $999.

49-inch ultrawide ThinkVision monitor

The Lenovo ThinkVision P49w-30 ultrawide monitor
The Lenovo ThinkVision P49w-30 ultrawide monitor.

Ultrawide monitors aren’t new, and offer up the real estate of two standard-sized monitors in one. The new ThinkVision P49w-30 takes this to a new level by allowing users to connect and use two computers at the same time with a single monitor.

“Ideal for the knowledge worker whose work demands two or more PCs to perform different functions simultaneously, the ThinkVision P49w-30 is an ultrawide, 49-inch, double QHD panoramic display. Featuring IPS Black technology, this monitor offers a 2000:1 contrast ratio for sharper, more vibrant colors and deeper blacks that benefit its wide viewing angle. With up to 13 ports, including docking functionality with two Thunderbolt 4 ports with up to 100W power delivery and a front facing USB-C port with a 15W fast charging capability, the ThinkVision P49w-30 can support a multitude of devices and accessories for an unmatched multitasking experience. Capable of replacing a dual monitor set up, it can serve as a 2-in-1 solution, enabling users to use both sides of the screen as two distinct workspaces – without all the cables – made possible by Lenovo’s eKVM and True Split features.”

Lenovo press release

The ultrawide ThinkVision P49w-30 will be available starting in June 2023. It is expected to retail for $1699.

ThinkVision L-class monitors

Lenovo L27i-40 monitor
The Lenovo L27i-40 monitor.

Last, but not least, two new ThinkVision L-class monitors for the home and students will be available later in 2023. The Lenovo L27i-40 monitor is a 27-inch model while the L24m-40 is a 23.8-inch FHD model. Both feature integrated 3W speakers, 99% sRGB color gamut coverage, and more. While the 27-inch model has two HDMI ports, the 24-inch model has a USB hub with USB Type-C.

“Both of these products feature natural low blue light technology and are certified to the latest Eyesafe Display Requirements 2.0 standard. Additionally, each monitor’s base, stand, and back cover are made with 85% PCC recycled plastic.”


The Lenovo L27i-40 and L24m-40 are expected to be available starting in Quarter 3 of 2023. Prices are expected to start from $199 and $219 respectively.

What do you think about the new Lenovo ThinkVision monitors? Are you going to be picking one up? Let us know on social media by using the buttons below, and be sure to check back frequently for more CES 2023 news!


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