Estimated 5.8 million YouTube channels removed in Q3 2022

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For the past few years, Atlas VPN has been analyzing how many channels and videos YouTube removes each quarter for breaking community guidelines. According to their analysis, YouTube removed a whopping 5.8 million channels and 5.6 million videos in the third quarter of 2022.

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With 5,820,978 YouTube channels removed for breaking community guidelines, this new number beats the previous record of 4,806,042 removed in 2021’s third quarter. Most of the channels, 91.2%, were removed for being misleading, spam, or participating in scams.

“An official statement by YouTube notes that the high volume of terminated channels might be due to the actions they have taken to preserve their workforce and cut in-office staffing in response to COVID-19. 

“In other words, Google’s video platform is relying more on technology to assist with some of the work typically performed by human reviewers, which means they are eliminating more content that may or may not be in violation of their standards.

Atlas VPN

YouTube works on a three strike rule. When a channel breaches YouTube’s community rules three times within a three-month period, the channel gets deleted. There are rare instances when a channel can also be removed from a single offence, depending on the severity of the offence.

As for removed videos, only 3.9% were removed for spam, being misleading, or scams. Instead, 36% (2 million) of the videos removed were deleted due to child safety concerns while another 18.4% (1 million) were removed due to violent or grpahic content. Harmful or dangerous (11.4%) and cyberbullying (10%) were also among the top five reasons for video removals globally. Interestingly enough, the most videos (1.7 million) were removed in India, with the United States coming in third with 534,000 removals behind Indonesia with 628,000.

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