[CES 2023] Samsung reveals its 2023 plan for NeoQLED, OLED, Micro LED, and soundbars


Today, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. unveiled its new Neo QLED, Micro LED, and Samsung OLED lineups alongside lifestyle products and accessories ahead of CES 2023. This year’s lineup features advanced, innovative products with a focus on enhanced connectivity and personalized consumer experiences

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This year, Samsung takes one step further in its ever-evolving journey to simplify consumers’ everyday lives with seamless multi-device integration across its entire ecosystem through its smart home platform SmartThings.

“In 2023, we are pushing boundaries of innovation to offer consumers more than just premium picture quality, but a holistic, premium device experience tailored to what they need and want out of their connected home,” said Cheolgi Kim, EVP of Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics. “With SmartThings, our advanced technology is seamless and intuitive, making life more sustainable, accessible and enjoyable everyday.”

Today, people have more streaming content at their disposal than ever before, so it only makes sense for them to have optimal home entertainment technology. We’ve heard our consumers loud and clear; whether it be for their favorite shows, blockbuster movies, sporting events, workout videos, or games, they want the best experience they can get.


Samsung 2023 NeoQLED – Micro LED – OLED – Soundbars

Micro LED

Samsung Micro LED

Our most advanced display technology ever – a breathtaking display made of pixel-level LEDs forged from sapphires for intense contrast and incredible detail.

While many TV innovations involve making displays larger or faster, the 76” Micro LED CX (joining our 110” Micro LED) redefines “state-of-the-art” for TVs. Samsung has miniaturized technologies introduced in the breakthrough and award-winning display, The Wall, to create the world’s smallest and most affordable Micro LED screen.

Between its unmatched screen performance and advanced technologies, Micro LED CX heralds a brighter, more luxurious future for consumer televisions. Additionally, its 20-bit black detail, 240Hz variable refresh rates, and 2-nanosecond response time solidify the 76” Micro LED CX’s display as the gold standard of picture quality, no matter what you’re watching or playing. It’s also Samsung’s first Micro LED TV without the need for professional installation, stunning viewers with a 99.9% screen-to-body ratio.


[CES 2023] Samsung reveals its 2023 plan for NeoQLED, OLED, Micro LED, and soundbars
Samsung 2023 NeoQLED – Micro LED – OLED – Soundbars

Brings the future of content into the home today. The QN900C 8K TV represents the pinnacle of Samsung’s Infinity Design philosophy. It boasts an incredible display with brilliantly intense 8K picture quality in a frame so immersive its edges are barely visible. Pair this visual with the power of hidden speakers delivering cinematic surround sound.

Crafted to be the ideal television, the QN900C renders content at its highest possible resolution while making itself invisible. Under the hood, Quantum Matrix Technology Ultimate delivers 4,000 nit brightness with 14-bit contrast.

At the same time, the 2023 8K flagship uses machine learning to optimize visuals, energy efficiency, and audio to enable features like 8K Real Depth Enhancer Pro. The 8K Real Depth Enhancer Pro improves the contrast ratio by focusing the backlight on ~1,000 local areas – up from 36 in 2022’s iteration – to deliver clearer, more realistic depth perception. The QN900C’s new 8K Sound Remastering solves the mismatch between theatrically mastered audio and home listening environments.


The 2023 flagship QN95C 4K TV reimagines Samsung’s Neo QLED line to deliver superior audiovisual performance in an innovatively thin, harmoniously designed form factor. New dimming and 14-bit processing innovations provide improved brightness and grayscale control to render luminance and extreme details across the screen accurately. A breakthrough, ultra-slim power board completely eliminates the QN95C’s need for an external connection box – and optimizes energy efficiency – while shrinking the bezel to less than 20mm thick.

The QN95C also includes an easily detachable, privacy-focused videoconferencing and workout-assisting camera and integrates top-firing speakers to produce cinematic Dolby Atmos audio without requiring a soundbar.

Additionally, all 2023 Neo QLED 4K TVs will use deep learning AI to analyze content to flawlessly convert any content to brighter, clearer, and vibrant HDR – even if the source material is SDR.


[CES 2023] Samsung reveals its 2023 plan for NeoQLED, OLED, Micro LED, and soundbars
Samsung 2023 NeoQLED – Micro LED – OLED – Soundbars

The S95C Samsung OLED 4K TV brings unparalleled visual precision and speed to Samsung’s OLED lineup. Combining the latest Quantum dot and OLED technologies, Samsung OLED’s individually self-lit pixels are unobstructed by the TFT layer, increasing brightness and color accuracy. Samsung’s custom-designed Neural Quantum Processor 4K enables Samsung OLED to deliver unrivaled brightness, vivid color mapping, and smart 4K upscaling with AI detail restoration.

And with a 0.1- millisecond response time and up to 144Hz refresh rate, S95C eliminates ghosting – onscreen blurs when images fade rather than completely disappear – and offers calibration and visualization options not found on other televisions. The S95C’s cloud gaming support with Gaming Hub is peerless, from the world’s first 4K support for NVIDIA GeForce NOW to the availability of Microsoft Xbox, Utomik, and Amazon Luna.

This immersive display is on a TV that’s less than half in thickness. It also delivers incredible sound quality thanks to its 70W 4.2.2ch Dolby ATMOS Top Speakers.

Lifestyle TVs

Samsung's The Freestyle portable projector
Samsung 2023 NeoQLED – Micro LED – OLED – Soundbars

The Lifestyle portfolio was initially developed from consumers’ desire to blend the TV into home décor. The portfolio has evolved to include TVs designed around adding value based on different environments and specific needs, including The Terrace, The Serif, The Sero and:

The Freestyle: Reimagined for 2023, The Freestyle 2023 combines the power of Samsung’s smart TV platform with a portable and interactive entertainment device. Designed to blend into homes, offices, and art galleries, The Freestyle has also been re-engineered to address new use cases, including real-world metaverse applications. Expanding the visual canvas across large or multiple walls, new Edge Blending technology enables two Freestyles to synchronize their projections into one ultra-wide, immersive display. The Samsung patented Edge Blending technology automatically keystones and adjusts the picture to deliver an even more immersive cinematic experience.

Last but certainly not least, 2023’s Freestyle will also be equipped with Samsung’s Gaming Hub. In a massive feature upgrade, users will be able to access more than 1,000 cloud games on a massive screen in any environment, anytime, with anyone.

The Frame: Continued evolution of The Frame (2023) provides a more complete art experience while it’s off and improved picture quality when it’s on. The Frame’s antireflective matte display makes art look more realistic while maintaining picture performance. New metal bezels and more realistic wood finishes are offered in 2023 for greater personalization. An optional automatic rotating mount will also allow for landscape or portrait art display.

The Premiere: An evolution of Samsung’s 4K Premiere projector launched in 2020, The Premiere 8K projector is the world’s first 8K ultra-short throw projector that can display massive 150” images on any wall. Boasting vivid brightness, it delivers an immersive entertainment experience with powerful Dolby Atmos cinema surround sound. The Premiere 8K gives users a true Smart TV experience, including the same features as Samsung’s newest 8K TVs, in a projector form factor. It supports streaming apps and screen mirroring from popular devices. The Premiere 8K seamlessly blends into any room, delivering theater-screen entertainment while sitting only millimeters from a wall. It brings the full, large-screen cinematic experience to any room in the house without needing mounting or rewiring.


Samsung soundbars CES 2023 min
Samsung 2023 NeoQLED – Micro LED – OLED – Soundbars

Samsung has evolved its flagship soundbar with innovations such as Q Symphony 3.0 that improve sound, functionality, and ease of use. Samsung TVs and soundbars also pair acoustically automatically, where the system will automatically configure the sound bar and TV speaker to deliver the optimal audio experience. . Using the TV’s processor, content is analyzed so that the soundbar produces dialogue while surrounding audio will play from TV speakers – resulting in crisp and clear 3D surround sound. Meanwhile, SpaceFit analyzes and calibrates the soundbar based on the room to produce more accurate audio immersion.

HW-G60C Soundbar: A premium, compact, all-in-one audio experience that uses hybrid beamforming technology and virtual Dolby Atmos to create a 3D soundscape from a compact housing, convenient to place anywhere. Combined with echo-canceling microphones and ambient lighting, the HW-G60C enables bi-directional audio, serving as both a computer speaker and a tool for interacting with virtual assistants and smart IoT devices. It connects to HDMI/ARC, USB, AirPlay 2, and Chromecast devices for wired and wireless audio. Customizable LED lighting and adaptive sound profiles allow gamers to add unique looks and sound to any computer. The HW-G60C integrates features four microphones that effectively isolate and amplify users’ voices for virtual assistant functionality and in-game chat, removing environmental noise to further isolate the user’s voice for voice controls. Users can also access multilingual voice assistants when needed.

HW-Q990C Soundbar: The smartest, most capable soundbar system ever developed, the HW-Q990C delivers 11.1.4-channel audio and synchronizes with speakers and neural processor chips for unprecedented multi-channel performance. HW-Q990C uses QSymphony 3.0 to isolate and precisely direct individual audio elements using a soundbar and TV speakers. It has a rear speaker and subwoofer set using AI and second-generation, room-analyzing Spacefit to automatically optimize individual driver frequencies and gain to match any space. It also supports voice control and can be controlled via Wi-Fi or the SmartThings app. The built-in SmartThings IoT hub module enables voice connectivity and can control the soundbar straight from the Samsung SmartThings app.

HW-Q990C can identify and isolate background noise while enhancing dialogue or adjusting to low-volume nighttime listening needs, providing a premium, sonically optimized experience. Adaptive Sound 2.0 offers clear sound using AI sound optimization technology, while Game Pro 2.0 provides a sound field mode suitable for the game’s genre.

  • AI Sound Remastering: In 2023, Samsung’s flagship TV and soundbar offer Sound Remastering, which utilizes AI to remaster each sound object to ensure voices are clear, environmental sounds are enveloping, and each component is just the right volume.
  • New Soundbars: In addition to the flagship soundbar, HW-Q990C, with 11.1.4 channel sound supporting Dolby Atmos, the ultra-slim HW-S800B offers powerful immersive sound in Dolby Atmos from a 3.1.2 channel device that is just 40mm tall and 38mm deep. It is easily placed with any TV and still offers clear sound with punchy bass.
  • Q-Symphony: A new iteration of harmony between the TV and soundbar, 2023 new Q-Symphony will provide vastly evolved sound for which the soundbar taps into the TV’s Neural Processing Unit to analyze audio signals and process each sound for more detail than ever before.

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