[CES 2023] Satechi unveils Thunderbolt 4 Slim Hub


The new Satechi Thunderbolt 4 Slim Hub increases the functionality of Macs and PCs with three Thunderbolt 4 downstream ports that support daisy-chaining up to six Thunderbolt devices. The hub also features one USB-A port and one upstream Thunderbolt 4 port that supports charging up to 60W to the host device. Ideal for creative professionals, this sleek and modern hub decreases clutter for a streamlined workspace.

Here’s what the company had to say about the new Thunderbolt 4 Slim Hub in its press release.

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Satechi’s Thunderbolt-certified hub has a user-friendly design that provides convenient access to ports with the most advanced, efficient, and versatile I/O solutions. Users will benefit from upgraded bandwidth for video and data and fast transfer rates of up to 40 Gbps. Simply connect the host device to the Slim Hub via the upstream Thunderbolt 4 port. The hub is ready for action while charging the connected device; no additional power cable is necessary. Intuitively, the hub automatically detects and adapts to the host device power requirements supporting up to 60W.

With three Thunderbolt 4 downstream ports, Satechi’s Slim Hub allows for up to six levels of daisy-chaining, giving users more access to what they can connect to the hub. The three Thunderbolt 4 ports support speeds up to 40 Gbps and 15W charging for phones and tablets with backward compatibility with USB 4 and USB-C Gen. 1 & 2. The one USB-A port on the hub supports speeds up to 10 Gbps.

[CES 2023] Satechi unveils Thunderbolt 4 Slim Hub

Satechi’s Thunderbolt 4 Slim Hub was designed aesthetically with Mac users in mind. Inspired by the Apple ecosystem, Satechi created a minimalist, modern, and a sleek hub that fits into any workspace. Not just stylish, the hub is also built for durability and efficiency and is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum. A slimmer and more simplified version of its popular Thunderbolt 4 Dock, this new compact hub can be easily transported for user convenience.

Designed for Thunderbolt 4-based PCs and Thunderbolt 4/3-based Macs utilizing MacOS 11 and later versions, the Thunderbolt 4 Slim Hub can support two 4K screens at 60Hz, one 8K screen at 30Hz, or one 6K screen on M1 & M2 Macs. The Slim Hub is also compatible with the new Microsoft® Surface Pro 9 laptop. Users can expect an included Power Supply (100W) with the hub for optimal power efficiency and distribution.

The Hub is available on Satechi.net for $199.99 and is 20% off with code CES20 until January 12.

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