[CES 2023] Cooler Master announces the ORB X, Synk X, and the Dyn X


At CES 2023, Cooler Master introduced three new and very interesting gaming products, the ORB X, Synk X, and the Dyn X. The company says it wants to take gaming to the next level of immersion, and this is how they start. Here’s what the company’s press release had to say.

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Cooler Master, the high-performance component and peripherals brand, today announced a new product line-up focused on immersive entertainment. As part of the transformation into a tech lifestyle brand, we have devoted ourselves to applying different technologies for complete immersion in the virtual world. To make hassle-free products, we focus on compatibility, adjustability, and cool design for personalized experiences you won’t forget.

The ORB X is the Next Level of Immersion

The Cooler Master ORB X, a fully immersive multi-purpose station, is the ultimate work, entertainment, and gaming experience with a new level of immersion, comfort, and luxury. ORB X elevates the user’s visual, audio, and comfort in a semi-enclosed space for a premium user experience. Its automated motorized shuttle dome, compatibility with a triple-monitor setup, built-in surround sound speakers, and a newly designed ergonomic recliner for customized comfort is the premium environment where users stay focused, relax and become totally immersed in their experience.

The Synk X Haptic Chair Lets Users Feel the Game like Never Before

Cooler Master Synk X CES 2023 min

The Cooler Master Synk X, a cross-platform immersive haptic chair, creates a new way of experiencing the gaming world by amplifying play for a lifelike entertainment experience. By converting sound waves into vibrations and providing real-time tactile experiences, Synk X enables users to feel their environment in virtual reality. Cross-platform compatibility ensures easy setup and enjoyment. Its ergonomic design featuring adjustable parts, and a built-in battery for high mobility, makes immersive entertainment possible for any game, anytime, anywhere.

The Dyn X Racing Rig Redefines “True-to-life” Immersion

Cooler Master Dyn X CES 2023 min

The Cooler Master Dyn X is for casual gamers and those mastering car racing. Inspired by professional racing, it provides an accurate driving response with professional-tested performance. It offers an opportunity to become immersed in speed even when away from tracks. A rigid construction, a focus on compatibility, and easy adjustability make the Dyn X appeal to all drivers. Most importantly, Formula and GT style racing make Dyn X the best solution for users to experience the ultimate in lifelike professional car racing.

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