Flawless AI can use artificial intelligence to alter movie dialogue and even languages

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Artificial intelligence has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. From Tesla’s self-driving vehicle program to chatGPT, the field has a lot of possibilities. Flawless AI is taking the technology to the big screen by altering actor dialogue. One example is in the below Tweet where Flawless AI was able to change the “F” word, an R-rated word, to something rated “PG-13.”

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Flawless AI can also map the actors’ faces and change their lip movements to match other languages better. This is useful for movies sent to other countries where another language is spoken. The company calls this “Visual Dubbing” and says the technology can provide fast and efficient AI reshoots and perfectly match lips to visual translations. The clip below shows the Flawless AI technology at work.

Warning, there is profanity in the clip below, so be careful where you watch.

It’s all fascinating but sometimes a bit disturbing and worrisome. As one Twitter user said, imagine this technology being used in real-time for any media, including news. Many would rather this technology not exist as there are dozens of ways it could be abused. Only time will tell how it is deployed exactly.

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