Samsung updates iOS app to control Matter-enabled devices

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Samsung SmartThings, the “premier technology enabling connected living and driving the future of IoT,” announced Matter controller support is now available on iOS. This is excellent news for those who are into the entire Internet of Things ecosystem. Being able to control multiple Matter devices is certainly something users appreciate.

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SmartThings continues to promote access to smart technology that allows people to live more efficiently, save money, and protect the environment. SmartThings showcased its Matter-certified products at CES this year, featuring the SmartThings Station, a smart home hub and charging port that can control and charge devices in the home.

In addition to SmartThings Hubs and the SmartThings Android App that received Matter functionality in 2022, Matter support is now available in the latest version of SmartThings in the app store. If you’re on iOS, head over to the App Store and check for the update. If you don’t have the app yet and need it, head to the App Store and download it, it is free. You can also get the SmartThings app on Android on the Play Store; be sure to check that out.

Internet of Things technology has undoubtedly been growing, and though not everyone is on board, it has seen a significant growth arc. These updates are an excellent move for the industry as brands work together to attempt to give users more of a seamless experience. You can learn more about CSA Matter and Samsung SmartThings on the company’s websites.

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