MFi certification may gimp USB-C on Apple devices

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The long journey to USB-C on the iPhone seemed to end with the iPhone 15 all but confirmed to have the charging port installed. Apple has resisted the request for USB-C on the iPhone, often citing that it would affect the integrity and performance of its device. With new laws passed in the EU, Apple can no longer ignore USB-C, but that doesn’t mean they’re going down easily. Recent reports have surfaced that Apple may slap MFi certification on USB-C cables used with iPhones and iPad.

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MFi certification is an Apple program that they put in place to “vet” the accessories used with their devices. Power accessories used with the MFi certification blessing tend to cost much more than those without the Fruit Blessing. Here, you can read more about the program in a piece we wrote in early 2018.

MFi Identity Guidelines MFi certification may gimp USB-C on Apple devices

According to GizmoChina, the technical staff at FiiO (an audio and accessory maker) has confirmed that the latest iOS version has encrypted the USB-C port of their devices, which has caused restrictions on non-certified accessories.

According to NotebookCheck, a Weibo account known for leaking Apple news says, Apple will implement the MFi requirement by installing custom “lightning interface” integrated circuits into new iPhones in the future. None of this is confirmed, but Apple rumors tend to see the light of day eventually, and it will be a frustrating turn of events if true. We’ll know more once the new iPhone 15 is announced; I’m sure Apple will address the move to USB-C in its Keynote.

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