MWC 2023: Blackview plans to launch its latest Thermal-by-FLIR imaging rugged phone

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Blackview isn’t a well-known smartphone company in the United States, but it has a fair share of users overseas. The company makes several smartphones and tablets; while we’ve never had our hands on them, they look like solid choices.

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According to GSMA, Blackview will announce its latest Thermal-by-FLIR rugged smartphone at MWC 2023. The company has released a few thermal imaging smartphones in the past, and the segment isn’t overcrowded, so Blackview may be a great choice.

Thermal imaging smartphones aren’t new, and FLIR cameras on smartphones are also not new. We saw these types of devices several years ago, first as clip-on cameras for existing smartphones and then incorporated into the smartphone themselves.

Blackview will collaborate with Teledyne FLIR, a giant in thermal imaging, to demonstrate the newly released thermal-by-FLIR imaging rugged phone, providing users with a new tool to investigate infrared energy. These rugged smartphones are great for those who need thermal imaging, such as electricians, plumbers, and even those in the computing field.

According to reports, the latest rugged phone from Blackview will include an upgraded automatic gain control (AGC) system that offers an effective 26-degree field-of-view, ensuring that users can see more information from a safer distance guaranteeing safety of users. At the same time, It is also disclosed that the brand-new rugged phone will come with a condensed version of the MyFLIR Lite thermal imaging app for more straightforward operation, allowing more users worldwide to benefit from the utility and fun of exploring infrared energy.

This time, Blackview Lab and Teledyne FLIR have conducted additional in-depth research, development, significant optimization, and innovation in thermal imaging camera hardware and software, providing users with an array of intriguing new capabilities and opportunities.

We will watch for the official announcement and update this article with the model number and any other pertinent information.

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