Smartwatches begin ChatGPT integration

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Lately, searching the internet for technology news is always turning up the subject of ChatGPT. The artificial intelligence chatbot is heavily financed by Microsoft and incorporated into the Bing search engine. AI chatbots are popping up everywhere; from our perspective, the race is on. Smartwatches are the latest platform you will find the use of ChatGPT.

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Apple Watch users can try out the AI by downloading a new app named watchGPT from the App Store. The app costs $3.99, including complications, and you can use voice or text input to ask questions. But the Apple Watch is not only one of many smartwatches, Amazfit also makes smartwatches, and they’ve announced ChatGPT on the GTR/GTS 3/4, GTS Mini, and GTR Mini.

While having AI on your wrist sounds exciting, it is limited in its current state. ChatGPT can only provide contextualized answers to questions on smartwatches, which is more than Siri or Google Assistant can do but an advantage. Wearable tested it on an Apple Watch, and here are their results:

But we went and asked ChatGPT what it thought the most useful applications for an AI on the wrist could be:

“ChatGPT could help users with scheduling appointments, making reservations, checking the weather, setting alarms, and answering common questions, all through natural language interactions,” it said.

“Additionally, ChatGPT could be integrated with other apps on the Apple Watch, such as fitness and health tracking apps, to provide personalized coaching and recommendations based on the user’s activity level, sleep patterns, and other health metrics.”


Whatever your opinion or feeling about ChatGPT on smartwatches, cars, or search engines, it is evident that AI-assisted consumer devices are the future.

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