The next Samsung Galaxy devices may use Bing instead of Google

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Samsung Galaxy devices make up a substantial portion of the Android user base worldwide. Forget about the flagship devices; sure, those count for a lot of sales, but think about the millions of budget and mid-tier Samsung Galaxy devices purchased yearly. Yes, Samsung is known for its S23, Fold4, and Flip4, but their number of more affordable devices is vast.

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So when Samsung is openly considering replacing its default search engine from Google to Bing on its Samsung Galaxy devices, it is worth paying attention. Bing has been getting a lot of press and millions of new users since it started integrating ChatGPT into its systems. The usefulness and ethics of artificial intelligence are still being debated, but it sounds like Samsung is leaning toward Bing’s ChatGPT-powered search.

If Samsung decides to go the route of Microsoft’s Bing, that would mean Google would lose out on a contract worth $3 billion in annual revenue from Samsung. Yes, Samsung users could still download and use Chrome and change their search provider back to Google, but these things won’t be pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy devices.

AI Elon Musk The next Samsung Galaxy devices may use Bing instead of Google
AI will soon be everywhere

While many will opt to download Chrome or switch back to Google in settings, millions of others won’t. Many users leave their phones alone and never dive into settings and change much if anything.

Google is still working on its Bard AI, but Microsoft has the advantage with ChatGPT. Considering ChatGPT has been developing longer, Samsung may switch to Bing on the upcoming Fold5, Flip5, and Samsung Galaxy S24. This new development will certainly make for an interesting year for Samsung, Microsoft, and Google.

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