Turtle Beach Stealth Pro review: Is it really the “New King of Wireless?”

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There’s no shortage of wireless gaming headsets for PC and consoles on the market. Companies are always trying to set themselves apart and, at times, make bold claims about their latest products. Turtle Beach has declared its latest wireless gaming headset as the “New King of Wireless.” But is it?

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Available for PC and consoles our Turtle Beach Stealth Pro review looks at a wireless gaming headset with “exceptional audio fidelity” and “unrivalled” active noise-cancellation. Read our full review to see if these claims hold up (and why it easily earned an Editor’s Choice Award for 2023 here at Techaeris).

The Quick Take

Turtle Beach made some bold claims when they announced the Stealth Pro. In this industry, there are plenty of solid wireless gaming headphones to be self-proclaiming as the “New King” of a specific category.

After being able to spend some time with the Stealth Pro Xbox wireless gaming headset, however, this latest entrant into the market definitely checks off all the boxes and checks them off well. Not only does it offer fantastic sound quality on PC and Xbox, but it also has dual connectivity allowing you to listen to two sources at the same time, solid battery life with swappable rechargeable batteries, fantastic microphone quality, and both a desktop and mobile app to configure and adjust settings.

Of course, it’s not perfect, but the issues with it are minor, and it is pricey. But there’s a price to be paid for quality, and in the case of the Stealth Pro, it’s well worth it if you can afford it. Now sit back and dig in as there’s a lot to digest in this unusually lengthy review for a gaming headset.

The real question here is, how long will it remain the “New King of Wireless?” For the time being, it’s replaced both the headset I use on my PC and the one I use on my Xbox for gaming.


The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro wireless gaming headset for PC and consoles we reviewed has the following features and specifications:

  • S.M.A.R.T (Sonic Measurement Audio Reduction Tuning) noise-cancelling technology
  • Two swappable 12+ hour battery packs
  • Bluetooth 5.1 dual connectivity
  • Maximum wireless compatibility
  • App-based audio customization for mobile and desktop
  • Advanced 10-band EQ and microphone enhancements
  • Remappable wheel & mode button
  • Sleek, wireless transmitter & battery charger
  • Lag-free wireless connection
  • Superior comfort
  • Refined aesthetic
  • Advanced Superhuman Hearing® 
  • Variable mic monitoring (sidetone)
  • Travel-friendly design
Earcup designOver-Ear (Closed)
Drivers50mm Nanoclear™ Drivers with Neodymium magnets
Noise cancellationVariable Active Noise Cancellation (>30dB Noise Reduction @ 100Hz)
Frequency response10Hz – 22kHz
Microphone typeUnidirectional Noise Cancelling (>35dB Noise Reduction @ 3kHz)
Microphone frequency respoonse10Hz – 22kHz
Microphone sensitivityBoom: -22dBFS/Pa; Built-in: -26dBFS/Pa
Dual connectionSimultaneous 2.4Ghz & Bluetooth
Gaming wireless2.4Ghz Lag-Free Wireless
RangeUp to 50’ (15m)
CompatibilityWireless Transmitter: Xbox Consoles, PlayStation® Consoles, PC, Mac® and Nintendo Switch™
Bluetooth®: iOS, Android, PC & Mac®, Nintendo Switch™ & other Bluetooth® Equipped Devices
Ear cushion materialLeatherette-wrapped Memory Foam
Dimensions7.17 x 6.81 x 3.43 inches
Weight14.88 oz (421.84g)

What’s in the box

  • Turtle Beach Stealth™ Pro Wireless Noise-Cancelling Gaming Headset
  • Removable TruSpeak™ Boom Microphone
  • 2x Rechargeable Battery Packs
  • Transmitter & Charging Station
  • 3ft USB-C Cable, 6.5ft USB-C Transmitter Cable
  • Velvet Cloth Carrying Pouch
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Turtle Beach Sticker
What's included with the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Xbox/PC wireless gaming headset
What’s included with the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Xbox/PC wireless gaming headset.


While Turtle Beaches gaming headsets to date have had a more gamer style and look to them, the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro takes a slightly different and has a more refined “wear-anywhere” aesthetic. Not only that, but it has some minor design changes making it easier to use.


At a glance, the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro wireless gaming headset looks more like a high-end premium offering (which is a good thing). The outer headband has a nice soft smooth finish on it and has the Turtle Beach wordmark stamped into it. On the underside, the entire area is outfitted with leatherette-wrapped memory foam. It’s not overly thick, but more than enough to be comfortable, even after extended periods of wear. As with most headsets, each end of the headband can be pulled down to expand it for a better fit if you have a larger head. Each end is adjustable by about 1 1/4″, giving an extra 2 1/2″ of “length” for the best fit possible.

The earcups are attached to the headband on a swivel, allowing the earcups to swivel inwards a full 90° for laying flat against your chest when around your neck. They also swivel outwards slightly as well. From the side, the earcups almost look suspended within the stylish gunmetal gray aluminum that holds them in place. On the left earcup, the Turtle Beach logo is printed across the middle. In reality, this is a magnetic plate that lifts off easily and is where you access the swappable battery compartment. A small round cover is located near the bottom of the outer earcup, removing this exposes the port for the detachable boom microphone. This is one of my few nitpicks about the headset as the cover is rather small and I could see people losing this quite easily.

The outer earcups on the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Xbox/PC wireless gaming headset
The outer earcups on the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Xbox/PC wireless gaming headset.

Before we move on to the right earcup, the detachable boom microphone is pretty slim, and roughly 6 1/2″ in length. The main length of it has a rubber-like finish and is very bendable and flexible. The actual microphone end has tiny holes on the inside, obviously to pick up your voice, but also a series of holes on the outside for unidirectional noise cancellation. Interestingly enough, a windshield isn’t included with the Stealth Pro, but in all honesty, it’s not required as I’ll discuss in a bit.

While the left earcup has a removable cover for battery access, the right earcup has a single mode button in the middle. Around this, the outer earcup actually twists and acts as the volume wheel by default. Towards the back of the earcup, you’ll find the USB-C charging port. Working towards the front are three buttons, the first is dimpled for touch and toggles the Superhuman Hearing mode as well as mutes or unmutes the built-in microphone. Next to this is the power button, and in front of that, almost on the bottom of the outer earcup is the Bluetooth Multi-function button. The placement of these buttons is bang on, and the dimples on the Superhuman toggle button make it super easy to recognize which button your thumb is on. Finally, a small LED indicator light is located towards the front.

Both earcups have a small oval cutout presumably for the active noise cancellation feature. While most of the outer earcup is black, a silver metal ring separates it from the earpads. The earpads are oval and have a very nice supple and soft leatherette finish to them. Underneath the leatherette material is the same memory foam found on the underside of the headband. Inside the earpads, the thin layer of fabric that covers the 50mm drivers seems a bit thicker than usual but, as you’ll read, doesn’t negatively affect the sound at all.

The headset is a bit heavier as well, coming in at just under a pound. When wearing it, it does clamp nicely on your head, keeping it solidly in place. However, it’s nicely balanced and even after wearing it for a couple of hours, it’s still comfortable.

It is a good-looking headset and with the microphone detached, doesn’t scream gamer at all. That being said, when I asked my kids and their friends, the consensus was it was a bit large and bulky to wear outside compared to other available, slightly sleeker-looking options.


While most wireless gaming headsets these days make use of a USB-A or USB-C dongle, the Stealth Pro has a bigger transmitter, and for good purpose. The wireless transmitter is basically a disc, 3 1/4″ in diameter and about 7/8″ in height. The top two-thirds is gunmetal grey in colour. Centred on the top is the charging compartment for the spare battery with the Turtle Beach wordmark stamped into the surface above it. The battery itself is pretty small, measuring about 1 3/4″ in length, just under an inch in width, and about 3/8″ in height.

On the back edge, just behind the wordmark, is an Xbox/PC switch, a charge-only USB-A port, and a USB-C connection port. An LED ring is embedded about one-quarter of the way down from the top of the transmitter. It wraps around the entire outer edge until it meets the switch and ports at the back.

Finally, the bottom of the transmitter, black in colour, has four round rubber feet to keep it from sliding around on your desk or wherever you may be placing it. It does have a nice weight to it as well, and coupled with the feet, it’s not going to be moving around very easily.

The wireless transmitter with spare battery pack included with the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Xbox/PC wireless gaming headset
The wireless transmitter with spare battery pack included with the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Xbox/PC wireless gaming headset.


Also included with the headset are two USB-A to USB-C cables, one three feet in length and the second six-and-a-half feet in length. The shorter one is meant to be used to charge while on the go while the longer one is listed as the transmitter cable. On that note, either work interchangeably, so if you only need a shorter cable to your computer or console, you do have options. Given the premium look and materials used in the headset, I was a bit disappointed to see the standard rubber cable variety included here instead of braided ones. But it’s not the end of the world, of course.

Turtle Beach also provides a decent-sized velvet cloth carrying pouch. About nine inches wide, it’s roughly nine-and-a-half inches in length. Soft inside and out, the headset is a bit of a tight fit inside, but it does fit and the drawstrings close tightly over it. There is also a small pouch on the inside for storing the extra cable in case you do need to charge up while out and about.

Ease of Use

The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Xbox can be used with your Xbox console, PC, or Bluetooth-enabled device. To use with your PC or Xbox console, plug the transmitter into a spare USB-A port. Make sure to toggle the selector switch to PC or Xbox, then press and hold the power button on the headset for about two seconds. The LED ring on the transmitter will pulse and blink, then turn solid green when the headset is detected and paired. Likewise, the LED on the headset itself will blink green while pairing and then turn solid green when connected. Once paired, you’re good to go!

If you’re using it on the Xbox, you’ll want to set up surround sound by going to the Profile & System tab, selecting settings, going to General, selecting Volume & Audio Output, then in the Headset Audio column setting the Headset Format to Windows Sonic for Headphones.

By default, the MODE Button will toggle ANC on or off. The outer wheel defaults to adjusting the volume of the headset. Pressing and holding the MODE button for a couple of seconds will enable a secondary function, which adjusts the Game/Chat balance by default when connected to an Xbox and the Mic Monitor volume when connected to a PC. Both the MODE Button and wheel functions can be re-mapped, more on that in a few. As for the other buttons, the Superhuman Hearing button toggles the feature when pressed for a second or so. Pressing and holding it for about two seconds will mute/unmute the built-in microphone.

The earcup controls on the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Xbox/PC wireless gaming headset
The earcup controls on the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Xbox/PC wireless gaming headset.

When using the detachable boom microphone, simply moving it up will mute it and the LED ring on the transmitter will blink red. Removing the boom microphone, the Stealth Pro switches to a built-in mic, allowing you to use the microphone over Bluetooth if you’re using the headset while out and about as well. To mute or unmute your built-in mic press and hold the Superhuman Hearing button for 2s until you hear the sound cue. 

This wireless gaming headset also features Bluetooth connectivity. Even better, once paired to your mobile device, you can simultaneously listen to audio from your mobile device AND your PC/Xbox at the same time. In other words, you can listen to music on your mobile device while chatting with your party on the PC or Xbox, or even take a call from your smartphone while in-game. Pairing is just like any other Bluetooth headset, hold the Bluetooth button on the headset down until you hear a “Pairing Bluetooth” prompt. Once you hear it, connect your headphones to your device using the Bluetooth settings screen on your device.

Once paired via Bluetooth, the Bluetooth button has several different functions. Pressing once will play or pause the current track, answer an incoming call, or end an active call. Pressing it twice will skip forward to the next track or reject an incoming call while pressing it three times will skip to the previous track. Pressing and holding the Bluetooth button will activate voice recognition for your assistant on your device, if available.

While it’s not needed, you will want to download the PC and/or mobile Audio Hub app to update and fine-tune the headset.


As with most headsets these days, you will get more mileage out of it if you use the included software. In the case of the Stealth Pro, there are two apps you should install: Audio Hub V2 for Windows or Mac and Audio Hub for your mobile device. Both act almost identically, with the exception that you can only update the firmware on your headset through the Windows or Mac app and not the mobile app.

Turtle Beach Audio Hub V2 (Windows)

I am going to preface this section to say that while the Windows app works great, I did have some issues getting it to detect the headset initially. Thankfully, the engineers over at Turtle Beach were quick to fix it based on bug reports we submitted, however, there is still one computer that I can’t get it to work on. That being said, I haven’t seen anyone else complain about this, and the company assures me that it is a very isolated occurrence.

Upon launching the Audio Hub V2 app for Windows and turning on your headset, it should detect it and launch the main Dashboard tab. This tab allows you to set different EQ presents for the Game mode (Signature Sound, Bass Boost, Bass and Treble Boost, Vocal Boost, Custom) as well as adjust Microphone settings like EQ (Signature Sound, Full, Clarity, or Smooth), Noise Gate, Mic Sensitivity, and Mic Monitoring. You can also toggle and adjust ANC, Superhuman Hearing, and the volume. The Equalizer tab lets you adjust 10 different frequencies and save them as a custom preset for Bluetooth, Game, and Microphone modes. The Customize tab is where you can set the number of minutes before the headset powers down due to inactivity (5, 10, 20, or 30 minutes). You can also disable this feature entirely.

This tab also allows you to adjust the voice prompt and tone levels, and remap the wheel and MODE button functionality for PC or Xbox modes. The available mappings for the wheel include adjusting Mic Monitor Volume, Active Noise Cancellation Level, Bluetooth Volume, Superhuman Hearing Volume, Bass Boost Volume, Treble Boost Level, Noise Gate Volume, Mic Sensitivity (PC), and Game/Chat Balance (Xbox). As for the MODE Button, you can assign it to toggle Active Noise Cancellation On/Off, toggle Noise Gate On/Off, Cycle Game Presets, act as Multi-Function (PC), or toggle Chat Boost On/Off (Xbox). Note, only one function can be assigned to the MODE button for each platform. The wheel can have a primary and secondary function assigned to it.

The last tab, Hotkeys, allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts to toggle Volume Mute, Superhuman Hearing, Mic Mute, Noise Gate, Mic Monitoring, and Active Noise Cancellation.

The app itself is straightforward to use once you do get connected.

Turtle Beach Audio Hub (Android)

I had no issues at all with the Turtle Beach Audio Hub for Android app and it allows you to adjust the same settings as you can on the desktop app. As mentioned above, the only thing you cannot do is update the firmware on the headset or assign hotkeys for PC use. Once your Stealth Pro is on and paired with your mobile device, you will still have to press a Connect button when launching the app. This initiates the connection between the app and the headset. While it would be nicer to have it auto-detect, it’s a small extra step.

The layout of the mobile app is a bit different than the desktop app but is still as easy to use. The main screen lets you adjust Game Volume, toggle and adjust Superhuman Hearing levels, adjust and toggle ANC levels, toggle Chat Boost, adjust Game & Chat Mix, set your Game EQ Settings (Signature Sound, Bass Boost, Bass and Treble Boost, Vocal Boost, Custom), and easily adjust Treble, Bass, and Vocal levels.

Swiping left takes you to the Microphone screen where you can adjust the Sensitivity, toggle and adjust the Noise Gate levels, toggle and adjust the Monitor Volume levels, and set the EQ settings (Signature Sound, Full, Clarity, or Smooth) for the microphone. Swiping left again brings up the Bluetooth screen and allows you to adjust the EQ settings (Signature Sound, Bass Boost, Bass and Treble Boost, Vocal Boost, Custom).

The next swipe brings up the Transmitter screen. If you are currently paired with it, you can remap the functions for PC or Xbox based on where the switch on the transmitter is toggled. You can also adjust the Auto Shut-Off time and Voice Prompts/Tone levels.

The last screen is basic information showing the App Version, Firmware Version, and links to the company’s Privacy Policy, Tech Support, and Feedback.

Screenshots from the Turtle Beach Audio Hub Android app
Screenshots from the Turtle Beach Audio Hub Android app.

Again, like the desktop app, it’s very easy to use.

Sound Quality

Now for the section you’ve been waiting for (or maybe skipped straight to). A solid-looking and easy-to-use headset is nothing without the sound to match, and I can honestly say the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Xbox is hands down one of the best-sounding wireless gaming headsets I’ve used to date. Out of the box, it defaults to Turtle Beach’s Signature Sound mode and with the 50mm Nanoclear™ Drivers with Neodymium magnets, they sound fantastic while gaming across a wide genre from Forza Horizon 5 to Heroes of the Storm and Call of Duty: Warzone 2. Of course, I had to fire up my favourite game for testing Xbox headsets: Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. I was not disappointed at all. The surround sound and level of audio detail this game brings when coupled with an amazing sounding headset is incredible and sends chills down your spine, especially with the whispering voices.

Speaking of Warzone 2, the company’s Superhuman Hearing setting isolates important audio cues like footsteps or reloading for first-person shooters. It’s worked well in the past and seems to be even better with this latest iteration when tested on both PC and Xbox. I’m no pro player but I do find with a setting like Superhuman Hearing, I am more in tune with the direction my teammates or, more importantly, enemies may be coming from and do tend to rack up a few more kills than usual.

On the music side, for both wireless and Bluetooth, the Stealth Pro also sounds amazing. Again, left on the Signature Sound mode, most types of music were nicely balanced with just enough warm bass for most people’s liking. Additionally, you can adjust the Bass, Treble, and Vocal levels to your liking, and even tweak it further using the custom EQ mode. The best part? I could fire up a game like Forza Horizon 5, silence the in-game radio, and stream Spotify from my phone with my preferred music and not miss out on the game sounds.

The detachable boom microphone on the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Xbox/PC wireless gaming headset
The detachable boom microphone on the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Xbox/PC wireless gaming headset.


With a 2.4GHz wireless transmitter and Bluetooth 5.1 support, Turtle Beach claims up to 50′ of range on using the Stealth Pro. I had no issues with this, and with the transmitter or my phone in the basement, had no issues with being able to hear the audio (and/or chat) while on the main or second floor of the house.

Microphone Quality

Depending on the type of gamer you are, microphone quality is very important if you’re in a squad or even just shooting the breeze with others. Turtle Beach made a big deal during our briefing about the microphone technology used on the Stealth Pro, and with good reason. With up to 35dB noise reduction via unidirectional noise cancelling, the detachable boom mic is pretty clear and crisp. While it isn’t as warm sounding as some others, the goal here for gaming is all about clarity and the Stealth Pro delivers.

The internal microphone is solid as well. Using S.M.A.R.T (Sonic Measurement Audio Reduction Tuning) noise-cancelling technology, the two concealed microphones “provide clear, concise chat whether you’re on-the-go, or simply prefer no boom mic.” The noise cancelling technology works great and I was able to game with using the internal microphones on my computer while the TV was playing on the other side of the room and have next to no TV noise coming through the microphone.

Battery Life

Battery life is a big one with wireless gaming headsets. Turtle Beach claims up to 24 hours of battery life with the Stealth Pro, and they do so in an interesting fashion. Nearly all wireless gaming headsets (at least all the ones I’ve tested over the past few years) require you to plug them in to recharge them once they’re dead. Of course, this means downtime if they die on you mid-game. As you’ve read above, the Stealth Pro has swappable battery packs. Each battery lasts around 12 hours in our testing (and in line with the company’s stated specifications). Once low or dead, simply removing the magnetic cover on the left earcup and swapping out the battery gets you back in the game very quickly. Once replaced, the headset takes about 10-15 seconds to power up and reconnect. When you have a free minute, placing the dead battery pack in the transmitter will ensure it’s charged up and ready to go when you need it.

The swappable battery inside the left earcup on the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Xbox/PC wireless gaming headset
The swappable battery inside the left earcup on the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Xbox/PC wireless gaming headset.

My only suggestion here would be to add a small internal battery to the headset. All you need is a couple of minutes at most but that way when the headset indicates the battery is dying (or dead), swapping it out won’t disconnect you temporarily from your squad or party.


Like almost everything that has decent quality, the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro wireless gaming headset isn’t exactly cheap. However, even with its $329.99 price tag, it is in line with other premium multi-platform wireless gaming headsets on the market. It also offers fantastic value, with solid sound, great microphone quality, and the ability to be used both at home and on the go.


A company dubbing its product the “New King of Wireless” is pretty bold, but in this case, the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro wireless gaming headset is just that. Solid sound, microphone quality, comfort, and battery life, not to mention multiplatform compatibility are just a few of the reasons this gaming headset is hands down the best you can currently purchase. Honestly, if you’re looking for a new multiplatform wireless gaming headset and have the cash to spare, look no further than the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro.

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Last Updated on March 13, 2024.


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