The Protecting Kids on Social Media Act would ban kids under 13 from joining social media


Many people would agree that social media has become so toxic that it’s nearly unbearable for adults to venture into. It doesn’t matter which social platform you pick; they all have similar problems and many of the same trolls and abuse. I think most people would agree with protecting kids from the mess we have created.

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A new proposed federal bill called “The Protecting Kids on Social Media Act” aims to attempt to do this. This new federal bill would look to prevent children under the age of 13 from signing up for social media platforms. A bipartisan group of United States senators submitted the bill. The lawmakers say the bill is also intended to address a mental health crisis caused by social media.

“If we’re not paying attention to them all the time, which we have everything that we’re doing, they can go on different sites and stuff like that or sign up for social media,” said Las Vegan Samaja Funderburk.

The Protecting Kids on Social Media Act would ban kids under 13 from joining social media

“Social media most of the time is fake, so people there do not show their real life,” said Las Vegas parent Ola Cano. “I think yes social media affects a lot of people and children because they see ‘Oh his beautiful car, he has this, he has that. I want this. I want that.'”

The Protecting Kids on Social Media Act would ban social media platforms from using targeted algorithms to recommend content to kids, and kids aged 13-17 would need parental consent to create social media accounts.

While all of these proposals sound great, it remains to be seen how exactly anyone would prevent children from creating fake social media accounts where they lie about their age. It will be interesting to see how this pans out. You can read the full story here.

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