Lenovo announces its latest ThinkPad and ThinkStation devices


Lenovo isn’t done making announcements this year. The company gets most of its announcements out during CES and MWC weeks. But this year, they’ve been spreading some of their announcements out, which isn’t a bad thing; it’s actually refreshing, but I digress. This month, the company announced its latest ThinkPad and ThinkStation devices.

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The ThinkPad and ThinkStation devices announced are mostly familiar to us all and include the ThinkStation P3 Tower, P3 Ultra, P3 Tiny, ThinkPad P16 Gen2, P1 Gen 6, P16V i Gen1, ThinkPad P14s i Gen 4 and P16s i Gen 2. Here’s what we know about Lenovo’s new Think devices.


Lenovo announces its latest ThinkPad and ThinkStation devices

This latest generation of desktop workstations become Lenovo’s most powerful entry-level workstation offerings and offers form factor size options that can scale across a variety of industries, hybrid workspaces, and their respective workflows. Users in engineering and architecture, finance, advanced education, and in medical applications can customize and configure the new ThinkStation P3 according to their specific requirements. Highlights include:

  • ThinkStation P3 Tower: Experience the power and expandability of a tower workstation at a more affordable price-point, including 13th Generation Intel Core processors and supporting up to NVIDIA RTX™ A5500 graphics to breeze through mission-critical tasks with the reliability, performance, and expansion capability required across a variety of industries. P3 Tower can support up to 128GB DDR5 memory and a total of six storage drives, with four PCIe expansion slots and a power supply of up to 1100W.
  • ThinkStation P3 Ultra: Packing an exceptional level of performance in a chassis of fewer than four liters, the P3 Ultra is ideal for demanding workflows in hybrid, remote, or less accessible locations. The intelligent compact design features up to NVIDIA RTX A5500 graphics and an optional BMC (baseboard management controller) to be released later this year that enables advanced remote monitoring and systems management.
  • ThinkStation P3 Tiny: Lenovo’s Tiny form factor is engineered to go where others can’t. The new P3 Tiny, at just one liter in total volume, is small but mighty. With a versatile array of mounting options, ISV certifications, and up to NVIDIA T1000 graphics that support up to six displays, ThinkStation P3 Tiny can empower architects and engineers, financial analysts, health professionals, and STEM education virtually anywhere.


Lenovo announces its latest ThinkPad and ThinkStation devices

Adaptable and multipurpose mobile workstations don’t need to compromise on performance, as illustrated by the new ThinkPad P series that provide ISV-certified solutions across a variety of price points.

Furthermore, along with the rest of the ThinkPad portfolio announced earlier this year, the latest ThinkPad mobile workstations are also increasing the use of more recycled materials and post-consumer content (PCC) plastic 3 in select components that is in line with Lenovo’s continued focus on supporting a circular economy and Lenovo’s goal to integrate post-consumer recycled content into 100% of PC products by 2025.

  • ThinkPad P16 Gen 2: Lenovo’s most powerful 16-inch mobile workstation ever, built for users who need the highest levels of performance on the go, the latest P16 Gen 2 features up to 13th Generation Intel Core HX-series processors with professional graphics up to the NVIDIA RTX 5000 Ada Generation GPU for mobile workstations that provide breakthroughs in speed, performance, and efficiency. PCIe Gen 5 offers blazing storage and I/O support, and up to 192GB DDR5 ensures even the most complex data inputs will not create a bottleneck. • ThinkPad P1 Gen 6: Powerful, mobile, and an ultra-light sleek design at just 3.92 pounds (1.78kg) epitomizes ThinkPad P1. Ideal for content creators and packed with innovative features, including a liquid metal thermal design for advanced cooling performance, the ThinkPad P1 can be configured with a new 16-inch OLED touch screen with a 5MP camera or low blue light display to ease eye strain. Factory color calibration delivers crisp, clear images, and excellent mobility is enhanced by WiFi-6E 4 and optional 4G LTE to maintain connectivity in more remote environments. High-performance graphics are delivered by up to the NVIDIA RTX 5000 Ada Generation GPU for mobile workstations or NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 4090.
  • ThinkPad P16v i Gen 1: Designed to narrow the value gap between entry and high-end workstations, the new P16v handles large complex workloads with ease thanks to 13th gen Intel Core H series processors, up to the NVIDIA RTX 2000 Ada Generation GPU for mobile workstations, and a dual thermal outflow that maximizes cooling, allowing users to push demanding and multitasking applications to the full.
  • ThinkPad P14s i Gen 4 and P16s i Gen 2: Respectively with Lenovo’s 14-inch and 16-inch mobile workstations with the longest battery life, the latest models, available in black or storm grey, are designed for high-performance productivity and collaboration in remote and hybrid working environments, with several display options including OLED and low blue light displays, optional 5MP camera and up to the NVIDIA RTX A500 GPU for mobile workstations.

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