AV tech: Nine incredible advances in the industry


The growing need for accessible technology and merging hybrid workspaces amplified the demand for audiovisual technology (AV tech) in the last decade.

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Anyone interested in the ever-evolving industry can check out these latest advances. They’re dominating 2023 trends and changing the way people enjoy their time.

1. Contact-Free Tech

Over the last few years, avoiding viruses and bacteria has become more present in everyone’s mind. The AV industry rose to meet that need with contact-free tech. Instead of logging into a boardroom computer with a password, people let the machine scan their eyes or faces to verify their identity.

It’s one of the reasons why the biometrics industry was worth $5 billion in 2021 and continues to gain value. Incorporating this technology into daily-use AV equipment makes its usage more accessible. People don’t have to compromise their digital security to access tech that lets them surf the web, play music or launch a videoconference.

2. LCD Video Walls

Traditional billboards are becoming a thing of the past. Today’s marketing teams create campaigns designed for video walls. They catch the public’s attention with bright lights and changing graphics, making them a widely used AV tool across industries.

Video walls are also helpful at home. They’re useful anywhere you need continual access to video, like when you’re building muscle with bodyweight exercises and need to follow a virtual instructor from different areas of your home gym.

LED video walls were the front-runner until LCD panels recently took the lead as a budget-friendly choice. LCD options are gaining popularity because they’re a modern take that makes this AV advancement more accessible.

3. State-of-the-Art Cases

Carrying cases for AV equipment has always come with some risks for professionals. Even if the handles remained attached and water couldn’t leak into them, they could fall during transport and dent, along with the equipment inside.

New state-of-the-art carry cases eliminate this potential challenge. Protective versions made with military-grade polyethylene plastic provide top-notch protection for everything from sound mixers to microphones. The robust, durable material will hold up during transport, so there aren’t any unfortunate surprises when it’s time to set up equipment.

4. AI-Powered Mixers

AV tech: Nine incredible advances in the industry

People use audio mixers in numerous ways. They might work in the music industry, record their own songs at home or mix sound for their weekly religious gatherings. Mixers are useful AV tools that recently got an update with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

An AI-powered mixer can help you isolate various components in any recording. Instead of spending hours narrowing down different audio inputs, AI software connected to your mixer instantly separates them for you. You’ll get right to work, saving everyone time and effort.

5. Visual Brainstorming Software

There’s a specific synergy of face-to-face interactions that can feel challenging to recreate during virtual meetings. Advances in AV tech aim to remedy that issue.

Video collaboration is much easier with brainstorming software. Sites that create real-time design tools, drawings, and mapping improve communication while making time spent in virtual meetings more useful.

Using sites that provide this benefit also makes any office’s current AV equipment a better investment. People will use it more frequently because it connects with collaborative websites, making meetings more productive.

6. Online Concert Software

Streaming is one of the most frequent uses of AV tech in 2023. It merges audio and visual ideas into entertaining shows that reach more people. The latest advancements in dance, music, theater, and other types of entertainment even make shows accessible from home.

Video equipment with the latest 4K or 8K lenses ensures that whatever you capture will look clear to your virtual viewers. A soundboard and mixer integrated with the streaming software also give tech operators more control over the sound quality.

Modern AV equipment creates real-time mixing, so shows sound their best and audiences hear everything without issue. Since 28% of global survey respondents anticipate recurring virtual performance attendance, this AV advancement will have long-term positive ramifications.

7. IP Video Technology

AV enthusiasts should check out the advances in IP video technology. It’s video distributed over a local- or wide-area IP network. The newer tech eliminates the need for circuit-switched solutions, which is more limited in broadcasting and may have lower video resolution.

Newer cameras have the latest chipset technology, so the video resolution is always 4K or higher. Streaming software also has better frame rate capabilities, so IP streaming is more reliable and better to watch than ever before.

8. Spatial Audio Software

AV tech: Nine incredible advances in the industry

People used to install clunky speakers in their homes and conference rooms to get a surround-sound setup. The total audio experience makes it easier to pay attention when videoconferencing and hear minor sounds in movies.

AV experts now use spatial-audio headphones and mix audio to include spatial sounds. Audio configuration in mixing software makes it easy to retrofit songs, podcasts, and more into surround-sound experiences.

9. IMAX Residential Movie Projectors

Companies like Sony strive to bring the AV projector of your dreams into homes everywhere. Unlike previous movie projectors with limited frame rates and resolution, the new IMAX-level projectors launched the AV industry into another realm.

Watch your favorite films in 4K HDR images on the biggest walls or backyard screens. An upfront investment will give you access to the latest visuals making AV entertainment more modern.

Watch for Advances in AV Tech

Anyone can check out these advances in AV tech this year. Whether you want to upgrade your living room, boardroom, or another place entirely, new audio and visual technologies are ready to transform your world.

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