The Audio-Technica Sound Burger retro portable turntable is back!


To many audiophiles, vinyl records are the way to go when it comes to listening to music. Others just enjoy vinyl for the nostalgia of it all. Audio-Technica has just re-released the AT-SB727 Sound Burger turntable which sports an interesting design and Bluetooth connectivity.

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As mentioned above, the Sound Burger is a re-release. Having first launched in 2022 to celebrate Audio-Technica’s 60th anniversary, and 40 years after the original was released, it quickly sold out. Compact in size, it is designed with portability in mind, offers Bluetooth connectivity, USB charging, up to 12 hours of battery life, and comes in black, white, and yellow colourways.

The Sound Burger offers high-quality sound reproduction with a belt-drive system that plays 33-1/3 and 45
RPM records. To achieve both portability and stability, the tonearm employs a dynamic balance system in
which stylus pressure is applied via a spring. In addition, a high-precision DC motor maintains stable rotation.
The turntable also comes with an audio cable for those who prefer an analog, wired listening experience.

Full specifications of this fun looking portable turntable include:

MotorDC servo motor
Power SupplyDC 3.6 V lithium ion battery
Drive MethodBelt-drive
Speeds33-1/3 RPM, 45 RPM
Turntable PlatterAluminum
Wow and Flutter< 0.25 % (WTD) at 3 kHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio> 50dB (DIN-B)
Cartridge TypeVM
Output Level150 mV nominal at 1 kHz, 5 cm/sec (No phono-output)
Phono Pre-Amp Gain36 dB nominal, RIAA equalized
Charging Specifications5 V, 0.5 A
Power Consumption1.5 W (when charging)
Charging TimeApprox. 12 hours*
Operating TimeApprox. 12 hours*
Input JackUSB Type-C jack
Dimensions100 mm (3.9″) × 290 mm (11″) × 70 mm (2.8″) (W×D×H)
WeightApprox. 900 g (32 oz)
Operating Temperature5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F)
Accessories Included・USB cable (1.5 m (5′), USB Type-A – USB Type-C)
・RCA audio cable
・45 RPM adapter
Replacement StylusATN3600L
Communication SystemBluetooth version 5.2
Frequency Band2.402 GHz to 2.480 GHz
Maximum RF Output10 mW EIRP
Maximum Communication RangeLine of sight – approx. 10 m (33′)
Modulation MethodGFSK, Pi/4DQPSK, 8DPSK
Spread Spectrum MethodFHSS
Compatible Bluetooth ProfileA2DP, AVRCP
Support CodecSBC
Transmission Band20 to 20,000 Hz

The Audio-Technica AT-SB727 Sound Burger record player is available from the company’s website for $199.99.

What do you think about the Audio-Technica Sound Burger turntable? Is it something you’d pick up? Let us know on social media by using the buttons below.


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