Here’s the next-gen motorola razr, and AT&T will be one of the first to carry it


The new motorola razr family will consist of two different devices, and AT&T will carry it with some special deals being offered. The two new devices are named the motorola razr+/razr 40 ultra and the motorola razr/razr 40. Yeah, that’s not convoluted at all /s.

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The motorola razr became an icon in the dumb cellphone era, and when Motorola tried to revive it as a flip smartphone, it was not as successful as the Samsung Z Flip. This time around, it looks like Motorola may have fixed many things and made the motorola razr a lot more appealing.

motorola razr 40 ultra

Here's the next-gen motorola razr, and AT&T will be one of the first to carry it

Motorola says the new 40 ultra is the thinnest skippable smartphone in the industry when closed, has the largest external display of any flip phone, and is running on the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 mobile platform. Here are some of the features provided by Motorola for the new motorola razr 40 ultra:

  • Panels: Custom panels allow users to prioritize what matters most. Swipe left or right to easily access games, Google News, weather, contacts, Spotify, and view notifications at a glance. Plus, an Apps panel gives you access to almost any app, like Google Maps or Google Wallet, right from the external display.
  • Customization: Users can choose from an assortment of colorful live wallpaper designs and a range of Moto clock styles. Customize and arrange the panels on their Home screen, dragging and dropping so they’re arranged to fit the needs of every unique razr user.
  • Game: Choose from a number of highly engaging games from Motorola and GameSnacks that work perfectly on the external display. Play through mysterious lands in Golf Adventures, help a feline friend escape to freedom in Tiger Run, or find your way to the finish in Marble Mayhem.
  • Dedicated Spotify Panel: Spotify users can control playback from the device’s external display. Without unfolding the device, users can tap to continue listening where they left off or start playing something brand new. Or if they are not feeling the current mood – users can tap to switch to a new personalized recommendation.
  • Users can enjoy all of these features on a 3.6” pOLED external display with refresh rates up to 144Hz, so scrolling through websites is seamless. Or users can prop open their device in Flex View to watch their favorite content with the highest resolution in its class and in a billion shades of true-to-life color.

motorola razr 40

Here's the next-gen motorola razr, and AT&T will be one of the first to carry it

The modern razr consumer is chasing a balanced smartphone experience, which is why Motorola is also introducing the motorola razr/razr 40. The device was made for trendsetters and tastemakers who like to stand out in a crowd, but also for digital minimalists who want to disconnect and take back control of their device.

The razr/razr 40 features the same incredibly smooth and vivid internal display, teardrop hinge and iconic form factor as the razr+/razr 40 ultra. While the most noticeable difference of the new razr/razr 40 is a smaller external display, it maintains all the features expected from a high end smartphone.

The new razr/razr 40 comes with a distinct and stylish look, combining Gorilla Glass and a premium vegan leather. It’s easy to grip, soft to the touch and comes with trendy colors selected in partnership with Pantone, such as: the Sage Green, a contemporary green tone, Vanilla Cream, a true off white classic and Summer Lilac, which is a mystical purple shade.

AT&T Offers

AT&T is offering new & existing customers a great deal for the new foldable at $5 per month for 36 months with no trade-in required, allowing customers to SAVE $820 on the motorola razr+ device (clocking in at a total of $180 for a phone that costs ~$1k)—device releases on Friday, June 23. Pre-orders start on Thursday, June 15.

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Last Updated on March 13, 2024.


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