Infographic: The power of intelligent document processing in AI


There is nothing bigger in the field of modern technology than artificial intelligence (AI). Talks of ChatGPT and other novel platforms have become impossible to avoid recently. Yet what really is artificial intelligence? In a sentence, a machine with a capacity to learn. 

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AI, in some forms, has actually been pervasive for years. Machine learning is the most common form of AI, allowing algorithms to learn without any human input. For this, imagine social media taking in all the information the site produces and tailoring each individual’s experience.

Deep learning is a slightly more modern and complex form of AI. It uses really complex data, images, and patterns to form conclusions in a way machine learning cannot. A good example of this is a weather prediction system which has to take in countless variables. And the final major form of AI is expert systems. These systems are made to mimic a human-level ability to make choices, identifying disease or house market value.

These forms of AI are then used to build a variety of systems and tech. This can go from simple machine-learning-based analytics to intense language processing. Modern AI is working to move away from the hassle of constant training and retraining. More powerful learning models can adapt as they go. This allows advanced systems, things like language models, that extract data from a document regardless of language or format. This includes advancements in intelligent document processing.

So the question of what AI is really is quite simple. The more interesting question is where AI is going and what it can become with time. ChatGPT was a wake-up call for many of us. Yet businesses and industries across the planet are already in rapid use of AI. Hopefully, it becomes a beacon of efficiency and positive impact, not a subject of abuse or a killer of creativity. Ultimately though, that’s up to the humans who create it; AI’s future is in humanity’s hands.

Infographic: The power of intelligent document processing in AI

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