OWO and Ubisoft collaborate on an Assassin’s Creed haptic shirt

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Have you become bored with your haptic controller and chair? Feel the need for a more immersive experience? Well, OWO and Ubisoft want to give you exactly that with the Assassin’s Creed haptic shirt. The companies even claim that you will “exclusive sensations never felt before”, I don’t want to know.

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Purchasers of the Assassin’s Creed haptic shirt will also get a copy of “Mirage” with their purchase and Haptic OWO Sensations will be available on PlayStation5, PlayStation4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. Here’s what the OWO says about this latest gaming device:

Now, you will not impersonate Basim, you will be Basim. Use your uncanny skills to avoid being seen while seeking justice.

Get your exclusive Assassin’s Creed: Mirage Special Edition now. This offer includes a digital copy of the game, which you will be able to play on PS5, Xbox Series X or PC.

Using the OWO System, you will be able to feel your precise movements when you take down your targets. But beware! They are out to get you. Don’t let your enemies get too close, or you will feel the consequences.

Download My OWO App and live the game to the fullest by calibrating your OWO Skin. The App saves your stats, so your calibration will be automatically customized every time you play.

You can also modify the intensity whenever you want, even while you are playing!


Including in the purchase of the ACW haptic shirt is the following:

  • OWO Skin (haptic shirt)
  • OWO Device
  • x20 Gel Pads
  • Charging Cable
  • Storage Pouch
  • Mirage Game Code

Find out more about the haptic shirt on OWO’s website, linked below. The game comes out on October 12th and no pricing or release date has been announced for the haptic shirt.

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