Microsoft Surface Pro 9 gets its own Satechi Dual USB-C hub


Satechi, known for producing accessories for a variety of tech devices, announces the Dual USB-C Hub for Microsoft Surface Pro 9 – an exclusive hub made for the Surface Pro 9. The new hub transforms the Surface Pro 9 into a full workstation packed with extra power and performance and is equipped with six powerful ports including a USB4 pass-through port that can support up to 100W power delivery, USB-C and USB-A 3.2 Gen 2 ports, an HDMI 2.0 port, and SD/microSD UHS-I card slots.

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This new hub seamlessly connects to the Microsoft Surface Pro 9, it complements the premium features of the Surface Pro 9 with its sleek and sophisticated design while boosting connectivity and functionality for Microsoft users. Here’s what Satechi had to say about this new Dual USB-C hub.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 gets its own Satechi Dual USB-C hub

Tailor-made for the Surface Pro 9, Satechi’s new Dual USB-C Hub provides six essential ports while acting as a natural extension to the tablet. With its assistance, users can get more done in less time thanks to the ultra-fast data transfers and an impressive 40 Gbps bandwidth. The hub also features USB-C and USB-A 3.2 Gen 2 ports at 10 Gbps providing users with the power to transfer large files in no time. To put it into perspective, that’s like transferring 1,000 high-res images in less than one minute. And with power delivery of up to 100W, the Dual USB-C Hub will keep users supercharged throughout the day with ample power to charge the Surface Pro 9 at its maximum speed of 65W.

These impressive specs are complemented by an HDMI port that can be used alongside the USB4 port to output stunning 4K/60Hz video on two screens simultaneously, expanding the Surface Pro 9’s capabilities and taking users’ multimedia experience to new heights. The USB4 pass-through port can also support 6K/60Hz video on one screen when used alone.

As with all its accessories, Satechi prioritized a sleek design, creating the Dual USB-C Hub to perfectly complement the platinum shade and texture of the Surface Pro 9. Its flawless construction ensures stability and increased performance, with dual pins for a secure connection that eliminates any wobbling.

For even more convenience, Satechi made the hub incredibly lightweight and compact, weighing just under 40 grams and measuring less than 4.5 inches, producing the perfect travel companion for work on-the-go.


Satechi’s Dual USB-C Hub for Surface Pro 9 is currently available on for $59.99 and is 20% off with code SURFACE until July 21.

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