Fluance announces its new RT81+ turntable


Fluance, a leading creator of high-performance turntables and home audio equipment, has announced its RT81+ High-Fidelity Vinyl Turntable. The RT81+ is the next evolution of the Elite vinyl record player series, designed as an upgrade to the flagship RT81, now with even more advanced features.

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Here’s what Fluance’s press release had to say about the RT81+:

With a sleek and contemporary design, the RT81+ brings analog audio to new heights with its cutting-edge details, including the Audio Technica VM95E cartridge, an upgraded dampened aluminum anti-resonant platter, and a built-in preamp, delivering an unparalleled listening experience for vinyl enthusiasts.

“This turntable is designed to stand out and last for decades to come. It incorporates numerous unique features that reflect Fluance’s commitment to superior sound quality, upgradeability, and customer accessibility,” said Justin Koetsier, Product Manager at Fluance.

“​​In essence, the RT81+ aims to deliver an accessible, yet sophisticated and upgradeable, high-fidelity audio experience, embodying our vision of inclusivity. Even as products become pricier, we remain focused on enabling customers to start with a base model and build it up into a high-end model over time, as they desire and as their resources allow. This is more than a product; it’s an enduring commitment to our customers’ evolving audio lifestyle.”

Fluance announces its new RT81+ turntable

Upgraded High-Performance Cartridge for Enhanced Sound

The RT81+ differentiates itself from other turntables on the market by prioritizing the potential for future upgradability as users grow in their vinyl listening journey. It comes equipped with the Audio Technica VM95E cartridge, featuring a diamond elliptical stylus that provides improved frequency response. The cartridge is conveniently mounted on a removable headshell with an adjustable counterweight, allowing for effortless stylus swapping with any of the compatible AT-VMN95 upgraded styli. The next-generation VM95E delivers powerful 4.0mV output, elevating the overall tonal quality of the acoustic experience.

Improved Platter for Superior Vibration Isolation

The addition of a 3mm acrylic mat and the upgraded dampened aluminum anti-resonant platter set the turntable apart, delivering an immersive 3-dimensional soundstage. This design creates a high-fidelity listening experience that faithfully reproduces music as the artist intended. Additionally, the newly introduced height-adjustable rubber conical isolation feet, expertly crafted with three points of minimal contact, effectively decrease resonance to deliver even clearer sound.

Fluance announces its new RT81+ turntable

High Build Quality Made to Last

The beautiful 3-pound cabinet is crafted from high mass MDF wood, which reduces vibrations to ensure the stylus provides the purest signal.

“Crafted from high mass engineered wood, the RT81+ is not only an exceptional turntable but also a striking piece of decor that elevates any living space. Every detail, from the Texas Instruments phono preamp to the gold-plated RCA connections, works to deliver a warm, true sound,” Koetsier said.

Built-in Preamp for Ease of Use

The RT81+ turntable also includes a built-in Texas Instruments phono preamp and gold-plated RCA connections, allowing for increased flexibility and convenience. Users can connect their turntable directly to powered speakers, receivers, or other audio devices. The built-in preamp ensures optimal signal strength and clarity, eliminating the need for additional external components and simplifying the setup process.

Pricing and Availability

The RT81+ turntable is available now in Piano White, Piano Black, and Natural Walnut for $299.99 at Fluance and Amazon.

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