The $25K Canon MS-500 security camera can record color video in total darkness


If you or your business in the market for a security camera that can record color video in total darkness, then Canon has you covered. The company has announced the Canon MS-500 security camera, and it clocks in at a whopping $25K.

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The Canon MS-500 is the first advanced long-range low-light camera from Canon, which was developed for viewing remote objects at a distance of several miles in color – day or night. This camera is equipped with the ultra-high-sensitivity Single-Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD) sensor and the B4 mount that can support Canon broadcast lenses, enabling capture of long-range objects even in low light.

The SPAD sensor captures the brightness of a subject by digitally counting each incoming light particle (photon) through a method called photon counting, which is thoroughly different from the conventional CMOS sensor.

Here are some of the specifications and features of the Canon MS-500:

  • Long-range ultra-high-sensitivity low-light camera
  • Features the Canon-designed and developed 1-inch Single-Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD) Sensor with approx. 3.2 million pixels
  • B4 mount that supports Canon’s lineup of ultra-telephoto 2/3-inch broadcast zoom lenses
  • The CrispImg2 Custom Picture Preset optimizes resolution and contrast while suppressing image noise
  • Custom Picture Mode allows users to create up to 20 customized image quality settings for various shooting conditions
  • Haze Compensation and Smart Shade Control features reduce the effects of haze and mist while automatically adjusting contrast and image brightness
  • Full color Infrared shooting (Night Mode)
  • RS-422 serial remote control interface
The $25K Canon MS-500 security camera can record color video in total darkness

For the full nitty-gritty on the Canon MS-500, visit the link above for detailed information and use cases.

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