Masonite M-Pwr Smart Doors are now available at Home Depot


Masonite M-Pwr Smart Doors were introduced back at CES 2023, and they were initially available in a limited capacity. But now, the company has announced its doors will be available at Home Depot and in some new styles.

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The Masonite M-Pwr Smart Doors are the first residential front doors to integrate power, LED welcome lights, a smart lock and a Ring Video Doorbell into the door system.

Masonite M-Pwr Smart Doors employ patent-pending, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified technology to connect residential front doors to a home’s electrical system and wireless internet network. To ensure that the doors are “always on” in the event of a power outage, an emergency backup battery can sustain system power up to 24 hours when fully charged, so homeowners are always connected and always protected.

Whether at home or away, the Masonite M-Pwr smartphone app enables homeowners to program and
control motion-activated LED welcome lighting as well as to confirm whether the door is open or closed.

Masonite M-Pwr Smart Doors are now available at Home Depot

Here are some of the key features Masonite has listed:

  • Fully Integrated Power – Connected to your home’s power supply, so it’s always on
  • Battery Backup – Even if your power goes out, your door stays on
  • LED Welcome Lighting – Programmable, motion-sensing lights show you the way
  • Ring Video Doorbell – Monitor your front door from anywhere with a seamless, built-in Ring Video Doorbell
  • Smart Lock – Lock and unlock your door from anywhere with your phone
  • Door State Sensor – A sensor lets you know if your door is open or closed
  • Masonite M-Pwr Smartphone App – Control lights, check if the door is open or closed, and customize your settings
  • Masonite Performance Door System – 64% better at keeping air and water out than the leading competitor.
  • Virtually Endless Style Options – Select a door that suits your home with a range of colors and glass styles

Masonite M-Pwr doors are now available at Home Depot and prices vary, visit the link below to find out more.

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