Chargeasap Zeus review: A relatively compact 270W GaN wall charger


In today’s world, devices are supporting faster charging than ever. With many laptops supporting USB-C charging, you can easily end up with multiple USB wall chargers, quickly filling up all your wall outlets or requiring power bars. That’s where multi-port USB chargers come into play, and GaN technology has made these smaller and faster than ever.

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Our Chargeasap Zeus review looks at a relatively compact 270W GaN wall charger with three USB-C ports and a USB-A port, as well as a handy OLED screen. Read on for our full review!

The Quick Take

If you’re charging a lot of USB-C devices constantly, especially those like laptops with higher wattage requirements, the Chargeawsap Zeus 270W USB-C GaN wall charger has you covered. With multiple attachments for various locales, it also has three USB-C ports, a USB-A port, combined charging of 270W, single charging up to 140W, and the over-current, over-charging, and other device charging protections you need.


The Chargeasap Zeus 270W USB GaN charger we reviewed has the following features and specifications:

  • Powerful 270W Output: 140W USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 PPS ports & 2 x 100W USB-C ports for simultaneous, full-speed charging of up to 3 MacBooks
  • GaN Technology: For high speed, efficiency and reliability
  • OLED screen: To track real-time charging speed
  • Compact & portable: The perfect charger for work, home and travel. The equivalent of 4 Apple chargers
  • Product Dimensions: 90 x 42 x 50mm/3.54” x 2.17” x 1.96”
  • Product Weight: 320g / (0.7lb)
  • Product Input: 100-240V ~ 50-60Hz 3A
  • Max Power Output: 270W
  • Ports: 3 x USB-C and 1 x USB-A
  • 140W USB-C1: 5~15V⎓3A, 20~28V⎓5A (PPS: 5~21V⎓5A)
  • 100W USB-C2: 5~15V⎓3A, 20V⎓5A (PPS: 3.3~21V⎓5A)
  • 100W USB-C3: 5~15V⎓3A, 20V⎓5A (PPS: 3.3~21V⎓5A)
  • 36W USB-A: 4.5⎓5A, 5V⎓~4.5A, 5V⎓3A, 9V⎓3A, 12V⎓3A (QC3.0 / SFCP / VOOC)
    • 22.5W max output for OnePlus, Oppo, and Huawei due to their proprietary charging tech
  • Device Operating Temperature: -10ºC to 75ºC
  • Enclosure: PC
  • Protection: Over-current, Over-voltage, Over-temperature, Short-circuit Protection

What’s in the box

  • 270W Zeus GaN charger
  • 4x travel adapters (US, EU, UK, AU)
  • Pouch
  • Instruction booklet
  • 30-day hassle-free return policy
  • 1-year international warranty
What's included with the Chargeasap Zeus 270W USB-C GaN Wall Charger
What’s included with the Chargeasap Zeus 270W USB-C GaN Wall Charger.


Relatively speaking, multi-USB wall chargers have a pretty standard rectangular shape. The Chargeasap Zeus is no different and is 90mm (3.54”) in depth, 42mm (2.17”) in width, and 50mm (1.96”) in height. In fact, Chargeasap managed to keep the Zeus roughly the same size as its Omega 200W GaN charger, coming in at the same thickness, just 2mm longer, and 5mm shorter. All said this translates into a lower total volume, making it slightly smaller than the Omega. It is also much smaller and weighs less than most other competing 200W chargers coming in at 320g (0.7lb).

On the design side, the front edge is where you’ll find three USB-C ports stacked on the right and labelled C1 to C3 with their maximum output wattage from bottom to top. On the right side sits the lone USB-A port, labelled USB-A1 with a rectangular OLED display beneath that.

The opposite end is where you’ll find the interchangeable prongs. Our review unit came with the US version installed, but the charger also comes with EU, UK, and AU plugs making this a perfect choice for global travellers. These slide in and out fairly easily, snapping into place securely. The US prong has the bonus of being able to fold completely in, as well as be used straight out (parallel to the charger) or at a 90° angle to the charger. I did find the parallel orientation the most stable, although the angled orientation worked just fine but then put the ports and the screen towards the counter or floor as orienting it upwards wasn’t quite stable enough. Another minor issue is because of the way the prongs are oriented, the charger plugs in sideways so all the text and the display aren’t oriented for proper reading, but can still be read sideways just fine.

The Chargeasap Zeus 270W USB-C GaN Wall Charger with the US plugs extended at a right angle
The Chargeasap Zeus 270W USB-C GaN Wall Charger with the US plugs extended at a right angle.

As far as branding goes, the Chargeasap logo and wordmark are printed on both the large sides of the charger. Our review sample came in white but the charger is also available in black.

Ease of Use

Like any wall charger, the Chargeasap Zeus is super simple to use. Simply attach the power plug end compatible with your country and plug it into the wall. Plug up to three USB-C devices into the USB-C ports and a single USB-A device into the USB-A port and you’ll be all set.


Having a display section on a charger is fairly rare, but is coming a bit more commonplace. The Chargeasap Zeus has a 0.96-inch OLED display which displays real-time charging volts, amps, and output watts. As we use US plugs here, the display is sideways, which isn’t the end of the world. It is crisp and clear, however, and gives a very clear and accurate indication (tested with USB-C voltmeter) of the power being output to the devices you are charging.

Along the top row (when viewed sideways and from right to left), in dark blue, are the legends A1, P4, C3, P3, C2, P2, C1, and P1. The A1, C2, C3, and C3 correspond to the labelling on each of the USB-A and USB-C ports. These rows display the volts and amps for the corresponding port in a lighter blue. The P1 to P4 indicates the power being output in watts, also displayed in a lighter blue.

The OLED display on the Chargeasap Zeus 270W USB-C GaN Wall Charger showing current charging stats
The OLED display on the Chargeasap Zeus 270W USB-C GaN Wall Charger shows current charging stats.

In addition, while charging, you may see a green or yellow bolt icon. The green bolt indicates fully charged while the yellow bolt indicates fast charge.


The Chargeasap Zeus USB GaN charger is powered by four “‘industry-leading” Navitas GaNFast NV6127 Power IC (integrated circuit). Of course, performance is key when it comes to chargers. First off, you won’t get 270W out of a single port. But you will get a total maximum combined 270W output when using all four ports at the same time. According to Chargeasap, the power distribution of the Zeus GaN charger based on what ports are being used is as follows:

  • C1 = 140W
  • C2 or C3 = 100W
  • A1 = 36W 
  • C1 + C2 or C3 = 140W + 100W
  • C1 + C2 + C3 = 140W + 65W + 65W
  • C1 + A1 = 140W + 36W
  • C1 + C2 or C3 + A1 = 140W + 65W + 36W
  • 4 ports used simultaneously: 140W + 65W + 12W + 12W
  • The 270W Zeus has a laptop-first power distribution which means the C1 port will also be prioritized at 140W to ensure your laptop will always charge as fast as possible and not be interrupted by devices being plugged or unplugged

Needless to say, the Chargeasap Zeus USB GaN charger charged everything I threw at it with ease, and at the stated (or maximum device) specifications. While I didn’t have a 140W USB-C device to charge, I did have a laptop with a 120W USB-C power supply that charged at that rate on the C1 USB-C port. Other devices like smartphones, smartwatches, Bluetooth speakers, and more all charged at their maximum capacity. Even with four devices plugged in and charging, everything charged as expected based on the power distribution listed above.

I did have one issue, however, and that was with a Fitbit. While it charged fine, the output display did not report the amps and volts being sent. According to the company, this could likely be because the Fitbit uses a proprietary USB-A to charge clip cable.

While we didn’t test it with Macbooks, Chargeasap claims it can charge three (1x Macbook Pro 16″ 2021, 1x Macbook Pro 16″, 1x Macbook Pro 13″) at the same time and given the performance we saw as well as Macbook specs, I don’t doubt that it can.

The Chargeasap Zeus 270W USB-C GaN Wall Charger with US and EU plug attachments
The Chargeasap Zeus 270W USB-C GaN Wall Charger with US and EU plug attachments.


When it comes to charging your devices, protection is very important. The Chargeasap Zeus has over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, and short-circuit protection. During use, none of my devices showed a current flowing after it was fully charged and the wall charger itself never felt overly warm. In addition, none of the devices showed a voltage/watt input larger than what it could handle. As such, I’m confident that the Chargeasap Zeus manages all these issues as it should, keeping your devices safe while charging.


As far as accessories are concerned, the Zeus 270W wall charger comes with four travel adapters (US, EU, UK, AU) and, as a result, a pouch. The adapters are straightforward and snap securely in place when swapped out. The US plug, of course, is the nicest one as it folds flat, creating a nice rectangular block when not in use. Additionally, as mentioned above, the US plug can be used straight out (parallel to the charger) or at a 90° angle to the charger.

The pouch itself is pretty basic, but has a nice soft feel to it and a yellow drawstring to keep your charger and extra adapters tucked away inside when the pouch is placed in a bag or suitcase.


At $219, the Chargeasap Zeus 270W GaN wall charger isn’t exactly cheap. However, it has a solid, relatively compact design, multiple adapters which are great for travellers, and solid performance and over-voltage, over-charging, and other protection features. Not only that, it has a convenient OLED display screen so you can see exactly how much current is being sent to your devices while charging. Plus, it’s a name that’s been around for a while and not some no-name brand that you’d likely be taking a chance with.


If you’re looking for a wall charger with multiple ports, up to 140W of charging for your laptop, multiple travel adapters, and a handy display screen to monitor the charging status of your devices, the Chargeasap Zeus is a relatively compact GaN charger that checks all those boxes.

Chargeasap Zeus




Ease of Use












Nailed it

  • Relatively compact
  • Up to 270W total (140W single) charging
  • Can charge up to 4 devices at once
  • OLED display shows charging status and stats
  • Multiple plugs for various locales
  • US Plug folds and angles for multiple use cases

Needs work

  • Prong placement means the charger is plugged in with the display sideways

Last Updated on November 27, 2023.


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