Twenty of the worst movies of the ’80s

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Here we go with another twenty lists and this time, we may ruffle some feathers! We’re not intentionally poking the bear but we thought twenty of the worst movies of the ’80s might be a great topic. Of course, we all have our opinion, so be sure to share this article on social media, tag friends, and discuss whether these movies are among the worst movies of the ’80s.

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The ’80s were a vibrant and transformative decade for cinema, producing iconic classics that have stood the test of time. However, amidst the hits, there were also several misses that have become infamous for their lackluster storytelling, questionable acting, and overall cinematic misfires. In this article, we delve into the twenty worst movies of the ’80s, examining the factors that led to their downfall and their enduring status as cautionary tales in the world of filmmaking.

As usual, this list is in no particular order, all of these movies are equally bad.

Twenty Of The Worst Movies Of The ’80s

Twenty of the worst movies of the '80s
  • Howard the Duck (1986): Based on a Marvel Comics character, this live-action/animatronic hybrid left audiences bewildered with its odd premise and disjointed narrative.
  • Ishtar (1987): Despite boasting big-name actors, this musical comedy failed to deliver laughs and was hampered by a bloated budget.
  • Mannequin (1987): This romantic comedy’s premise of a man falling in love with a mannequin didn’t resonate well with audiences, resulting in a forgettable film.
  • Jaws: The Revenge (1987): A far cry from the original, this unnecessary sequel featured a shark with vengeful motives, pushing the franchise into comical territory.
  • Mac and Me (1988): Often regarded as a blatant E.T. rip-off, this family film failed to capture the magic of its inspiration.
  • Masters of the Universe (1987): Even the presence of Dolph Lundgren couldn’t salvage this adaptation of the beloved animated series, which suffered from a low-budget and weak script.
  • Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987): This superhero sequel suffered from poor special effects and a contrived storyline, tarnishing the reputation of the Man of Steel.
  • Cobra (1986): Sylvester Stallone’s attempt at a gritty cop drama fell flat due to its excessive violence and lack of depth.
  • Leonard Part 6 (1987): Bill Cosby’s ill-conceived action-comedy is often considered one of the worst films ever made, thanks to its baffling plot and cringe-worthy humor.
  • Gymkata (1985): Attempting to combine gymnastics and martial arts, this film’s outlandish premise led to unintentional hilarity rather than serious action.
  • Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1987): Based on a controversial trading card series, this film’s grotesque characters and juvenile humor failed to connect with audiences.
  • Hobgoblins (1988): This low-budget horror-comedy tried to capitalize on the success of “Gremlins,” but its poor production values and lack of scares missed the mark.
  • Highlander II: The Quickening (1991): Although released in 1991, this sequel to the 1986 classic deserves a mention for its convoluted plot that contradicted the original film’s mythology.
  • The Slugger’s Wife (1985): A romantic comedy centered around baseball, this film struck out with its lack of chemistry between the leads and predictable storyline.
  • Megaforce (1982): A mix of military action and science fiction, this film’s over-the-top stunts and cheesy dialogue prevented it from being taken seriously.
  • Jaws 3-D (1983): Continuing the trend of diminishing returns, this 3D sequel lacked the suspense and thrills that made the original a classic.
  • The Apple (1980): A bizarre musical that tried to blend dystopian themes with pop music, this film’s unintentional campiness made it more of a cult curiosity than a cinematic success.
  • Bolero (1984): This erotic drama’s attempt to titillate audiences fell flat due to its poor storytelling and lack of substance.
  • Body Rock (1984): Even the charisma of its star, Lorenzo Lamas, couldn’t salvage this formulaic breakdancing film that failed to capture the spirit of the burgeoning dance craze.
  • Hard Rock Zombies (1985): A horror-comedy centered around a rock band turned zombies, this film’s absurd premise and amateurish execution earned it a spot on this list.


The 1980s were indeed a mixed bag when it came to cinematic offerings. While the era produced enduring classics that continue to captivate audiences, it also gave rise to a slew of movies that missed the mark in various ways. These twenty films, each for its own set of reasons, have earned their place on the list of some of the worst movies of the 1980s. As we look back on these missteps, we are reminded that even amidst the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, not every endeavor yields cinematic gold. Every so often, you can’t turn coal into diamonds.

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