IFA 2023: Samsung announces LE Audio capabilities for Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Auracast on Samsung TVs

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Samsung extends LE Audio capabilities including more immersive audio recording on smartphones, clearer sound experiences on PCs, and now sharing sound on TVs with more people. Samsung announced new software updates to Galaxy Buds2 Pro and (select) Samsung Smart TVs, reshaping the audio experiences across even more connected devices. The new updates extend LE Audio capabilities to Samsung TVs with Auracast broadcast audio technology, enabling rich and complex audio transmission to nearby Bluetooth devices.

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LE Audio, an advanced Bluetooth audio standard, broadens the spectrum of audio experiences to deliver more complex and richer sound that goes beyond providing better-sounding music, but also allows users to share sound with others as they personally experience it. The company’s press release went on to say:

As a pioneer of innovative technologies, Samsung has been leveraging new LE Audio-based features that further elevate sound experiences, including 360 Audio Recording, enabling Galaxy smartphone users to capture sound on video precisely as they hear it without the need for professional equipment. Additionally, the select Galaxy Book3 devices offer a crystal clear listening experience with improved latency — perfect for immersive gaming and multimedia consumption.

IFA 2023: Samsung announces LE Audio capabilities for GalaxyBuds 2 Pro and Auracast on Samsung TVs

And now, with Auracast broadcast audio technology for Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Samsung 2023 Neo QLED 8K and 2023 MICRO LED, rolling out via software updates starting this September, Samsung is again improving and expanding connected experiences beyond mobile devices to home appliances.

With Auracast, users can turn their device into a shared radio station able to broadcast across connected devices. Leveraging the new LE Audio, it allows users to connect multiple sets of Buds to a TV, while users could only connect a maximum of two devices previously.

Auracast opens a variety of potential use cases and possibilities for further device applications — from augmented or assistive listening in a theater or lecture hall for those who want to hear better, to sharing a playlist from your smartphone while on a run with friends, and even multi-language support without translation devices by sending different language interpretations via different channels.

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