Meta Quest 3 is available for pre-order at Best Buy and Newegg


Meta recently had an event, that we actually missed, in which the company’s latest mixed reality headset was re-introduced, the Meta Quest 3. The company’s mixed reality headset has been one of the more popular choices among VR/AR/Mixed Reality fans, and the latest version brings some upgrades and features.

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The new Meta Quest 3 is currently in pre-order stages on Best Buy and Newegg, links below. Here’s a quick down and dirty of what you can expect from the Meta Quest 3:

Meta Quest 3 Intro Video
  • Meta Quest 3 Price: $499.99 USD for 128GB. $649.99 USD for 512GB.
  • Power: Advanced hardware stack and the first headset with the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2, delivering double the GPU processing power for faster load times and more seamless gameplay compared to Meta Quest 2. This brings enough power to support heavy applications like fast-action gaming, seamless full-color, high-resolution pass through, and so much more.
  • Meta Quest 3 Storage: 128GB and 512GB options. Enables continued exploration of the vast library of titles.
  • Mixed Reality: 2 RGB cameras with 18 PPD, for 10X the resolution of Quest 2 and 2X the resolution of Quest Pro in pass through. Delivers full-color, high-fidelity views of your surroundings while you see virtual objects appear in your physical space. Accurate depth projection and room mapping gives you freedom to move throughout your space and interact with virtual characters or objects in the surrounding room.
  • Audio: Integrated stereo speakers with 3D spatial audio places you in your space with 40% louder audio range, bass range and optimal L/R matching capabilities.
  • DRAM: 8GB. 33% more memory compared with Meta Quest 2, giving you more support to play your favorite apps with optimal performance.
  • Display Resolution: 2064×2208 pixels per eye enhances resolution by nearly 30% compared to Meta Quest 2 for next-level clarity and lifelike graphics. 4K+ Infinite Display with 25PPD and 1218 PPI brings the best resolution across the entire Quest line of devices.
  • Refresh Rate: 90Hz, 120Hz (experimental).
  • Field of View: 110 degrees horizontal and 96 degrees vertical. This extends your peripheral vision to let you see more of virtual worlds, all at once, for the most immersive experiences yet.
  • Optics: Pancake lens provides a slimmer optic profile* without compromising the depth of your visual immersion. Increased sharpness by 25% in center FOV (~70% sharper in periphery), with significantly less stray or scattered light artifacts.
  • Lens adjustment: Gives you more precise lens positioning and smooth pupil distance adjustment, where you can customize the distance between the lenses to enhance your fit and picture clarity (Inter Pupillary Distance (IPD) ranges from 58mm-71mm).
  • Eye Tracking: Not featured on Meta Quest 3.

What do you think of Meta Quest 3? Will you be buying a Meta Quest 3 from Best Buy or Newegg? You are welcome to hit the buttons below and share your thoughts on any of the social media links provided.

Meta Quest 3 is now available for pre-order at Best Buy and Newegg

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