Displace TV announces new features and pre-orders


The last time we heard from Displace TV, the company was getting ready to announce its truly wireless OLED TV at CES 2023. Unfortunately, we ended up missing the press release on CES day but, we are getting some fall news on Displace TV on its new features and pre-order plans.

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Displace TV is a new 55″ 20 pound TV that is wire free, including no power cable, and is supposed to mount on virtually any surface. We attended the company’s presentation yesterday, and they made a few announcements, like its new self-lowering landing gear.

They also announced the TV is available to pre-order and confirmed that the TV is only available in 55″. The reason given for not making anything larger is weight, they want the unit to be able to be moved by one person. At only 20 pounds, this is very possible. Though I think Displace is missing an opportunity by not making a larger TV as the market has mostly spoken, larger TVs are selling and anything under 65″ is too small. Although the company does say you can pair these TVs together to make a larger screen, but then you have bezels in between the picture. Hopefully, they’ll reconsider a larger offering.

Here’s what the company’s press release had to say about its new TV:

Displace TV Press Release

Displace TVs are easily secured to any surface — with no mounting required — using Displace’s proprietary active-loop vacuum technology. The new safety features include the addition of advanced wall-sensing algorithms, four quick adhesives for stability, and a proprietary self-lowering landing gear system, which combine to make Displace the safest wall-mounted TV on the market.

Displace TVs solve many common problems typically associated with flat-screen televisions, which are unwieldy, tedious to mount, cluttered with wires and utilize antiquated remote controls. Displace TVs are super lightweight (around 20 lbs), transportable and can be combined with multiple Displace TVs to form any sized TV. A proprietary hot-swappable battery system powers the Displace 55” 4K TVs. Displace TVs are primarily controlled by natural hand gesture movements, in addition to touch and voice interfaces, making it easy to browse, play and control content using hands. They also utilize facial recognition and computer vision technology, enabling Displace TV content to switch seamlessly between rooms when users move.

Displace TV announces new features and pre-orders

Displace has created technologies to attach TVs easily to any surface and developed multiple novel safety technologies that make Displace the safest mountable TV screens on the market. The new innovative features address three challenges:

  1. Keep the wireless TV on the wall for the longest time, even when the batteries aren’t swapped out and recharged. Displace’s newly added internal battery system, redesigned vacuum suction system and updated active-loop algorithms ensure the Displace TV will stay on the wall for three to 10 months or more, even without any external batteries plugged in.
  2. Stop any damage to the wall (without drilling or nailing) using Displace TV’s proprietary active-loop vacuum technology.
  3. Prevent any damage to the Displace TV even when unforeseen things happen, such as wall cracks, paint peeling, etc., or when Displace’s active-loop vacuum suction system senses it can no longer keep the TV attached to the wall due to battery drainage. Displace’s new proprietary self-lowering landing gear system ensures the Displace TV automatically lowers itself gently to the ground to prevent any damage to the TV.

How the New Displace Safety Features Work.

Sensors within the TV constantly measure the battery level and pressure in the vacuum suction system, analyze the wall’s surface and check leakage on the vacuum pumps. If the vacuum pumps are in danger of not maintaining a seal or the wall’s integrity falters, the Displace TV automatically deploys four quick adhesives for stability and initiates a self-lowering landing gear system. The adhesives work as anchor points, as the Displace TV begins to lower itself gently on a zip line (from as high as 10 feet) and deploys a reusable foam at the bottom to protect the TV screen. Displace TV also activates a built-in alarm and flashing lights while lowering itself to keep pets safe and away from the area. While absolutely an edge case, the new safety features provide ultimate peace of mind for consumers when they attach a Displace TV to the wall without traditional screws and nails.

The sensors also constantly monitor battery life, even when the Displace TV is off, and automatically shut down different internal systems depending on usage to preserve battery power. An unused or barely used Displace TV can last anywhere from three to ten months, depending upon the battery power (minimum of three months and up to 10 or more months).

“We’ve performed hundreds of hours of tests to ensure our wall-mounting technology is the safest on the market,” said Displace founder and CEO Balaji Krishnan. “Our vision is for people to have multiple Displace TVs on the walls in their homes, so the TVs deliver value beyond entertainment. Our TVs must be the easiest to secure on the wall and the safest and worry-free to achieve this. We’re very proud that Displace’s new safety features provide additional layers of protection without being invasive. While almost no one will ever need them except for unforeseen circumstances, Displace TVs offer owners peace of mind.”

Reservations for are available on the Displace website with a fully refundable deposit and will begin shipping by the end of mid-Q2 2024.

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