Bowers & Wilkins announces the Zeppelin McLaren Edition


Last year we reviewed the Bowers & Wilkins latest Zeppelin generation speaker, and we found it to be fantastic! Now, the company and its partner McLaren Automotive are celebrating their collaboration with a new Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin McLaren Edition.

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Following the success of the Px8 McLaren Edition headphone, Bowers & Wilkins has created a specially designed version of its Zeppelin wireless speaker, featuring a refined Galvanic Grey finish and subtle Papaya Orange highlights inspired by McLaren Automotive’s design approach.

Reflecting McLaren’s technical and performance-led aesthetic, the Zeppelin McLaren Edition offers the high- performance sound quality synonymous with Bowers & Wilkins, coupled with a design that connects fans of McLaren cars to the visual identity of the McLaren brand.

The Zeppelin is a complete stereo system in one component, a wireless smart speaker reimagined for the streaming age. It features reference-quality drive unit technologies arranged in dedicated left and right speaker assemblies around a central, large subwoofer, all powered by 240W of amplification. The result is room-filling stereo sound no single-box rival can match.

Combining proven drive unit technology with its high-resolution streaming platform, the overall result is exceptional music performance, whether from a wirelessly connected source or via a streaming service.

Bowers & Wilkins announces the Zeppelin McLaren Edition

Coinciding with the launch of the new Zeppelin McLaren Edition, Bowers & Wilkins has introduced wireless multiroom capability. The new model, along with all compatible Zeppelins, will now benefit from extended multiroom compatibility with both the Panorama 3 and the Formation portfolio of wireless speakers. This allows Bowers & Wilkins users to seamlessly connect and configure their in-home wireless speaker system, all easily set-up and controlled via the Bowers & Wilkins Music app, for ultimate convenience.

Bowers & Wilkins is also announcing a limited-production version of the Zeppelin created to celebrate the 60th anniversary of McLaren and Bruce McLaren’s legacy. Only sixty pieces of the Zeppelin McLaren 60th Anniversary Edition will be produced.

This limited-edition version features racing livery-inspired colors, including a vibrant orange finish, giving the Zeppelin’s instantly recognizable silhouette an even more distinctive aesthetic, while a Speedy Kiwi on the rear of the product pays homage to Bruce McLaren’s pioneering vision. The sixty limited-edition models are available exclusively from select McLaren dealerships worldwide.

Zeppelin McLaren Edition

Since 2015, Bowers & Wilkins has been responsible for the development of the high-performance
audio systems found in McLaren Automotive’s supercars and hypercars. The partnership is built on firm technical foundations, while being rooted in both brands’ shared values of delivering the highest levels of performance possible.

Most recently, Bowers & Wilkins has worked closely with McLaren’s design and engineering teams to create and optimize the audio system found on the company’s latest supercar ¬– the McLaren 750S. Like its predecessors, the 750S features the latest speaker technologies, developed in Southwater, home to the Bowers & Wilkins research and development team since 2019 and only 30 miles from the McLaren Technology Center in Woking.

Dan Shepherd, VP of Licensing & Partnerships for Bowers & Wilkins, commented: “I am thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our expanding product portfolio developed in collaboration with our partners at McLaren Automotive. The Zeppelin McLaren Edition joins the highly successful Px8 McLaren Edition, creating a uniquely appealing and innovative wireless product range that I’m sure will find eager buyers among both fans of McLaren and fans of Bowers & Wilkins alike.”

The Zeppelin McLaren Edition is available October 11th from the Bowers & Wilkins website and selected retailers at $899 while the limited-edition 60th Anniversary model is available from select McLaren dealerships

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