Dell says generative AI will bring advances like the PC did 40-years ago


Generative AI is the latest tech being developed and deployed by dozens of technology companies. From Apple and Google to HP and Dell. Generative AI seems to be the new wave of the future, and Dell says, “The advances we’ll see from GenAI will compare to the introduction of the PC 40 years ago when it brought unseen levels of productivity to the world.”

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Dell says that the PC has helped people to connect and collaborate, most notably during the lockdowns of 2020 when many worked from home. So what does generative AI mean for the future of the PC? Dell says users have already been using generative AI and may not even know it. Dell Optimizer is one tool built into Dell PCs and that uses AI, but most users wouldn’t know that.

Even newer PCs have on device AI that is powered by the CPU and that actively learns from the users’ actions. The Dell Precision line of PCs are a good example. Here’s what Dell’s press release had to say about the opportunities of generative AI in the near and long term.

“Generative AI will influence how we live and work. While there’s still a lot to imagine, AI-enabled PCs are increasingly becoming part of this discussion. We saw how GenAI will unlock new levels of productivity with the recent announcement of Microsoft Copilot. Demo after demo, we observed how we can collate and create information faster than ever before. This puts ideas at the center, letting you shift your time to creativity, problem-solving, and innovation.”

Dell says generative AI will bring advances like the PC did 40-years ago

“We’re working closely with Microsoft as it rolls out the new Copilot on Windows (in preview). Windows 11 users can start realizing these benefits today. But we won’t stop there. You’ll see us focused on being the leading PC provider for the AI era, with additional emphasis and investments centered around intelligence, security and being a trusted end-to-end AI advisor.”

“Then, as we ask our devices to do more, it will require PCs that use language modeling, language processing and machine learning capabilities to improve the user experience. These experiences bring numerous efficiencies like cost-effectiveness, improved privacy and security, reduced latency and sustainability benefits. It will also require a new architecture that doesn’t purely rely on the CPU or GPU for processing. We’re actively working with partners throughout the industry to make this new architecture a reality. We can’t wait to show you more.”

“Looking beyond the next few years, we see your future PC as a true digital partner. PCs will move beyond driving human productivity to driving human performance. This will require you to reimagine how you work with the familiar laptop and desktop of today.”

“For example, instead of mostly command-and-control interactions driven by you typing on a keyboard, there will be additional non-text-based ways to prompt technology to have a bidirectional experience between humans and PCs. Imagine a future where you can collaborate or co-create with voice, visual commands and gestures. Envision allowing your PC to interpret your mood, facial expression, tone of voice or even a change in the way you type for a much richer experience that delivers the result you are looking for, how you will best receive it. Your PC experience will transition from searching to prompting, from reading to understanding, from editing to directing.”

“It’s exciting to think about what’s to come, not just for devices, but the entire PC ecosystem. We take our cues from human experiences to drive human progress, and our broad portfolio of products, solutions, and services will play a critical role in powering this future.”

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