Govee TV Backlight 3 Lite offers better color-matching technology


RGB lighting is obviously here to stay and companies are improving on ways to light up and accent your living space. TV backlights aren’t new, but they are constantly improving. The Govee TV Backlight 3 Lite features upgraded Envisual color-matching technology with a new chip, color-matching capabilities, and better light strip quality.

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As the name implies, the TV Backlight 3 Lite is a light strip that you attach to the back of your TV. An included camera hangs over the top of your TV and the LED light strip then reacts to the content on your device, providing a synced back glow while you are enjoying movies and shows.

“Since the groundbreaking launch of our inaugural Smart TV Backlight in 2020, Govee has been at the forefront of enriching home theater experiences with its cutting-edge lighting solutions. The third-generation Govee TV Backlight 3 Lite builds upon the notable success of its predecessor, emerging as a beacon of technological and design advancements. We hope this product will enable more users to have better cinematic viewing experiences at home.”

Eric Wu, CEO of Govee

The upgraded Envisual™️ technology has three main features, including:

  • Upgraded chip: Incorporated a new chip that offers a 20% increase in computational power compared to the previous generation, facilitating information more efficiently and supporting a wider range of algorithmic functions. This enhancement allows users to immerse themselves in smoother and clearer picture quality, creating a more engaging viewing experience.
  • Fish-eye correction: Enhanced color-matching accuracy by correcting the edge distortion of the screen, which expands the pickup area and captures colors with heightened accuracy.
  • Upgraded RGBICW light beads: The Govee TV Backlight 3 Lite utilizes upgraded RGBICW 4-in-1 light beads. Compared to its predecessor, the new generation of light beads includes white beads for more accurate color rendering and finer color development. This upgrade enables the product to match the viewing screen better, giving users more stunning visual effects.

In addition, the Govee TV Backlight 3 Lite supports Matter, meaning it is compatible with  Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings — including voice control through Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Home. While not available at launch, the Matter functionality will be coming via an OTA update in early 2024.

Govee TV Backlight 3 Lite product
View of the Govee TV Backlight 3 LED light strip and camera.

The Govee TV Backlight 3 Lite for 55-65 inch TV will be available is now available in the United States for $89.99 on and Amazon. The larger version for the 75-85 inch TV will be available for $109.99 on December 18th, 2023.

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