Circular debuts thinnest & lightest smart ring to date, complete with haptic navigation


Smart rings have been around for awhile. While offering an alternative to smartwatches, they do tend to be thick and bulky. Circular has just announced the Circular Ring Slim, “the thinnest, and lightest, most intuitive smart ring in the world.”

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So just how thin and light is the latest Circular smart ring? Weighing only 2 grams and measuring a mere 2.2mm thick, the Ring Slim has a 6-day battery life with 20 days of onboard memory. The three-axis accelerometer and advanced PPG sensors track activity and movement, temperature, heart and respiratory rates, blood oxygen levels, and more.

By using Kira+, the company’s AI wellness assistant, to assess seven biometrics and 142 derived markers, the Circular Ring Slim is designed to help people live healthier lives and sleep better. As Circular mentions, during the day, the ring captures activity, blood oxygen levels, energy levels, calories burned, heart rate,
respiration rate, and chronotype, among other metrics, while at night, the ring ambiently tracks
circadian rhythm and records sleep quality, heart rate variability, sleep disturbances, REM cycles, and
sleep and wake times. Its sensors measure temperature variations during sleep, which, combined with
other biometrics, can provide a clearer picture of immune systems and provide early detection of the
onslaught of illness.

The Circular Ring Slim smart ring
The Circular Ring Slim smart ring.

In addition to being thinner and lighter than other smart rings on the market, Circular says it’s also the first to incorporate haptic navigation and alerts. By replacing the button found on the Ring Pro with a complete haptic navigation interface, users of the Circular Ring Slim select various functions by tapping inputs anywhere around the ring. The ring also uses haptic vibrations for feedback and alerts. A few of the haptic features include:

  • Smart Alarm Clock: that will gently wake a person at the optimal time in the sleep cycle with gentle vibrations
  • Medication Reminders: providing alerts when it is time to take medicine
  • Guided Breathing Exercises: providing prompts to inhale, hold and excel for calming breathing exercises and improved sleep hygiene.

The Circular app is compatible with a range of other health apps, including Google Fit and Apple
HealthKit. Retailing for $275, the Circular Ring Slim is currently available for pre-order at a discounted price of $245 with shipping expected on December 15th. After December 15th, the ring will be priced at $275.

What do you think about the Circular Ring Slim smart ring? What about smart rings in general? Are you going to be picking one up? Let us know on social media by using the buttons below.

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