Get God of War Ragnarök: Valhalla DLC free!


‘Tis the season of giving and Santa Monica Studio announced a free DLC download for God of War Ragnarök that will be available on December 12th.

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The popular PlayStation game has sold over 15 million units in the past year since its release, and as a thank-you to its fans, the studio is releasing a free epilogue DLC pack for owners of the game called “Valhalla.” The DLC will follow Kratos on “a deeply personal and reflective journey.”

Aside from a new epilogue story, the studio says they challenged themselves to make something different from anything they have done before with previous God of War games. While the “Valhalla” DLC content utilizes familiar combat from God of War Ragnarök, the studio is blending it with “fresh, experimental elements inspired by the roguelite genre.” So what exactly does this mean?

As per Santa Monica Studio: “Each attempt in Valhalla will encourage you to master different aspects of Kratos’ arsenal as you face new combinations of enemies and some surprises along the way!

In Valhalla, defeat in combat is not the end of a warrior’s spirit. If Kratos falls, he will reawaken outside the doors ready for the next try. During each attempt, you will learn and adapt to the challenges Valhalla has to offer. The more you overcome, the more resources you’ll gain that can be put towards permanent upgrades that affect both Kratos and even Valhalla itself. Accumulating rewards and knowledge during your attempts will help you get ever closer to discovering the mysteries that await Kratos within.”

Furthermore, while Kratos will have access to all his weapons and fully upgraded skill trees at all times, players must commit to a shield and path of Spartan Rage for each attempt at completing the DLC. During each attempt, players will be able to choose between temporary Glyphs to determine which Stats to upgrade, Perks to select, or Runic Attacks to wield.

Finally, the “Valhalla” DLC has five difficulty settings (which can be freely swapped between attempts) that increase the rewards players will gain from each battle.

If you own God of War Ragnarök, you will be able to download the “Valhalla” DLC for free on December 12, starting at 9 am PST, from the PlayStation Store.

What do you think about Santa Monica Studio’s surprise release of the free “Valhalla” DLC for God of War Ragnarök? Are you looking forward to playing it? Let us know on social media by using the buttons below.


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