The nubia Z60 Ultra comes with high-definition optics

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nubia has been making smartphones for a while now, you may not have heard of them here in the United States (though we have covered them in the past), but they are popular overseas. The company also releases gaming phones under the name RedMagic and ZTE holds a little more than a 45% stake in the company. Now, the company has announced the brand-new nubia Z60 Ultra with a new camera system the company is touting.

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This latest model comes equipped with the NeoVision photography system, featuring high-definition optics with three main cameras, setting a new standard in mobile photography. The innovative UDC Full Screen, supported by a fifth-generation flexible under-display camera technology, offers an unstoppable view, boasting a more vibrant display and more natural-looking selfies.

The nubia Z60 Ultra sports a IP68-rated dust and water resistance, ensuring it stands as a beacon of durability. Additionally, the phone is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen3 chipset, a robust 6000mAh silicon carbon negative electrode super battery with the MyOS 14 operating system, making it a comprehensive and versatile choice for enhanced image processing.

The nubia Z60 Ultra comes with three main cameras — 18mm Ultra-Wide Starry Sky, 35mm precision master, and 85mm telephoto explorer camera with high-definition optics.

The nubia Z60 Ultra comes with high-definition optics smartphone

The new 50-megapixel 18mm ultra-wide-angle starry sky main camera employs a 1/1.55-inch outsole sensor, a 7P aspherical lens, and an f/1.8 large aperture. This combination breaks away from the traditional “wide-angle theory of uselessness,” achieving an industry-leading ultra-low distortion wide-angle main camera. The 50-megapixel 35mm camera features a high-definition optical combination with a 1G+6P lens and f/1.59 large aperture, enhancing light intake, pixel density and photo clarity. 35mm lenses continue to be the ultimate focal length for detailed photography, whilst the 64-megapixel 85mm periscope telephoto portrait lens with a 1/2-inch sensor significantly improves portrait photography.

The focal length layout of the nubia Z60 Ultra is meticulously balanced, and its stabilization system ranks among the best in the industry. It supports triple OIS full optical image stabilization, ensuring steadfast stability in all shooting scenarios whilst further enhancing capture efficiency. Additionally, the main camera is equipped with a blue glass spin-coated IR filter as standard, effectively reducing glare and synergizing with laser focus to easily lock in extraordinary moments.

The nubia Z60 Ultra showcases the latest generation of flexible UDC full-screen. This includes a screen density of up to 400PPI in the under-display camera area, a full-screen blue diamond arrangement, and support for independent pixel drivers, achieving a clearer and more refined display. The UDC Ultra-independent screen display chipset enhances natural color transitions, while the new BOE Q9+ luminescent material significantly improves color display stability. The industry’s largest front-facing single-pixel photosensitive area of 2.8μm, coupled with a front-facing transparent algorithm, further improves the brightness and clarity of front-facing photography and video calls.

Find out more about the nubia Z60 Ultra at the company’s website, here is the pricing for this new smartphone.

  • Prices: North America/Global Europe/United Kingdom/Mexico
    • 8G RAM+256G $599 €679 £679 Mex$12,499
    • 12G RAM+256G $649 €749 £749 Mex$13,499
    • 16G RAM+512G $779 €899 £899 Mex$14,999

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