[CES 2024] The MEATER 2 Plus wants to be your go-to smart meat thermometer

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The smart meat thermometer has come a long way in just a few short years. There are multiple choices on the market, and many of them are excellent choices. The MEATER 2 Plus is one of the choices and it wants to be your go-to smart meat thermometer.

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Meat thermometers in general aren’t for everyone. It takes a special person to really obsess over their meats, I am one of them because most users mostly do not care. No matter if the recipe calls for roasting, grilling, smoking, air frying, or deep-frying, the MEATER 2 Plus is going to tackle everything you can throw at it. Here’s the breakdown of what the MEATER 2 Plus can do:

  • Precision Monitoring: Precision Monitoring: With Smart Temp™ Multisensors, MEATER 2 Plus is equipped with five internal high-resolution temperature sensors and one ambient sensor to detect the real core temperature of the meat, reducing human error in probe placement, and helping to guarantee perfect results. The high-resolution sensors can measure to 0.1 °F (-17.72 °C) with an accuracy of ±0.5 °F (-17.5 °C) guaranteed by individual precision calibration. Each MEATER 2 Plus will come with a Certificate of Calibration.
  • Direct Open Flame High-Heat Grilling: A first-of-its-kind and true game changer in the smart meat thermometer category, amateur and professional grillers alike can now cook their meat over the direct heat of an open flame, including searing. The MEATER 2 Plus’ full metal probe is constructed with a stainless-steel ambient end, providing an impressively high ambient temperature max of 932 °F (500 °C), and an internal temperature max of 221 °F (105 °C). Every other smart thermometer on the market is only capable of enduring heat up to sub 600 °F (315.56 °C), setting MEATER 2 Plus well ahead of its competitors.
  • Enhanced Wireless Connectivity: Enjoy unparalleled flexibility with MEATER 2 Plus’ extended wireless range, courtesy of its patented high-performance antenna with an optimized RF design to operate in extreme heat. In addition to the custom RF design and built-in range booster in the charger, MEATER 2 Plus uses Bluetooth 5 Coded PHY that enables long range wireless transmission. The system can achieve a 2500ft (ca. 762 meters) direct line of sight in an airfield barring RF interference. The typical range may vary at home once obstacles get in the way of the wireless transmission, and users can expect an average range of 250ft (ca. 76 meters). (76m). MEATER 2 Plus, along with all MEATER products, are compatible with MEATER Link Wi-Fi and MEATER Cloud, ensuring whole-home coverage to infinite range.
  • Fast Charging: Time efficiency takes center stage with MEATER 2 Plus’ rapid-charging capabilities. Charging up to 50% in just 15 minutes, the probe can be ready for a 12-hour cook. After its first charge, the user will never have to worry about charging the probe if after each use it is cleaned and placed back in the charger. To maximize usage and efficiency, the fully charged probe will last 24+ hours and the single AAA battery keeps the probe charged for up to two years, which is twice as long as its predecessor.
  • Premium Craftsmanship: MEATER 2 Plus boasts an elegant full metal, stainless-steel design that exudes both durability and sophistication. With a sleek probe diameter of 5 mm, it’s 30% slimmer and even stronger than its predecessor, the MEATER Plus. Increasing durability while enhancing its premium craftsmanship, the MEATER 2 Plus’ ceramic band, which allows the Bluetooth RF signal to disperse, is made of Zirconia Ceramic, one of the strongest heat and heat shock resistant ceramic materials available. The probe is waterproof and can be used in deep-frying, sous vide, and is dishwasher safe.

The MEATER 2 Plus is priced at $119.95 and is available now. We will be checking it out at CES 2024 in just a matter of days.

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