[CES 2024] Sabre set to announces its SMART Pepper Spray at CES


Along with AI, it seems everything being brought to market has some sort of “smart” feature. The latest comes from Sabre, a leading brand in safety devices and safety tech. The company is set to announce its SMART Pepper Spray at North America’s biggest tech show, CES.

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Sabre will showcase its suite of products, including what it calls, its most groundbreaking innovation to date, a SMART Pepper Spray. I may have to stop by to see if anyone volunteers to get sprayed, LOL. Here’s what the Sabre press release had to say.

“We look forward to joining many great leaders in our industry at this winter’s highly anticipated trade show. Our family is proud to empower customers with some of the most widely used pepper prays, alarms and personal safety devices and are eager to demonstrate the years of research and development that went into the SMART device,” said SABRE CEO, David Nance.

The second-generation, family-owned company will share its latest developments in personal safety technology, along with educating attendees on how the products work. SABRE’s new SMART Pepper Spray was built to offer more comprehensive protection, helping people feel, stay and be safe should danger arise. It has all the capacities of its bestselling, natural pepper spray but with the safety-enhancing and tracking capabilities of smart technology, including:

  • Every SABRE SMART Pepper Spray bottle connects to an app that allows every user to add trusted contact numbers. These family members or friends will receive text and call alerts as soon as the “Alert” button is pressed manually in the app or when the spray is deployed.
  • The “Alert” button on the SABRE SMART Pepper Spray can be activated separately. This allows users to notify their contacts of a potential threat even before they use the spray. Users can keep the alert activated for as long as necessary to regain their sense of safety and potentially prevent a dangerous situation from escalating.
  • SABRE Smart Pepper Spray provides real-time, geo-tracking technology with the ONLY live GPS tracking that continually updates where its user is – even if they’re on the move. It continues to track them until the user marks themselves “Safe” in the SABRE Safety App.
  • An exclusive benefit of a SABRE subscription includes real-time 24/7 monitoring that promptly notifies law enforcement upon the deployment of pepper spray, accompanied by GPS coordinates to ensure a swift response. This feature offers both peace of mind and heightened protection.

As a leader in its industry for nearly 50 years, taking control of personal safety is SABRE’s specialty. SABRE’s safety products are crafted for convenience and security for the user from all angles, including practice sprays to help individuals feel completely ready if and when a situation arises. A SMART Pepper spray is the next step in keeping a new generation more empowered and safer than ever before.

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