[CES 2024] Dangbei Atom company’s first laser projector with Google TV


Laser projectors offer a much better picture than traditional projectors, and are getting even smaller in size. Dangbei, maker of portable projectors such as the Emotn N1, has announced the Atom — its first laser projector with Google TV.

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Complete with built-in Netflix, the Dangbei Atom uses Google TV’s content-first UI, it integrates diverse app content and personalized recommendations, streamlining the search for preferred shows. Other features of Google TV include Watchlist, support for multiple profiles, Google Assistant, and built-in Chromecast. Altogether, these features make entertainment content more accessible, user-friendly, and intelligent.

The Atom laser projector includes a brightness of up to 1200 ISO lumens (960 ANSI lumens), making it one of the brighter small FHD projectors on the market. The ALPD laser technology offers high brightness, a speckle-free, and a color-fringe-free image. At only 1.87″ thick and weighing 2.82 lbs, the Atom can deliver an image of up to 180 inches. Other features include autofocus, auto keystone correction, and intelligent screen fit — all enhanced for faster and more accurate performance.

The Dangbei Atom laser projector with Google TV is available for pre-order on the Dangbei website for $899.99. Even better, the company is offering a $150 discount for the launch. The projector will also be available to purchase from Amazon later this month or early in February.

The company is also introducing two new 4K laser projectors at CES. The Dangbei Mars Pro 2 is cheduled for release in the first half of 2024. It boasts a brightness of 2450 ISO lumens and dual 12W super powerful speakers supporting DTS:X and is the company’s first with HDR10+. The Dangbei X5 Ultra, on the other hand,  is the first 4K projector with triple-color laser and full-color LED hybrid light sources. With the latest ALPD 5.0 laser technology, it achieves enhanced brightness and significant color improvements, covering 110% of the BT.2020 wide color gamut.

Aside from projectors, Dangbei will unveil its future product line featuring the Dangbei PadGO, a 4K 27-inch movable large tablet. With a rollable stand, rotatable, and height-adjustable screen, it is suitable for watching dramas, listening to music, gaming, and working out in every room at home.

What do you think of the Dangbei Atom laser projector with Google TV? Are you going to be picking one up, especially with the launch discount? Let us know on social media by using the buttons below, and be sure to check back frequently for more CES 2024 news!

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