[CES 2024] Microwave oven? Revolution Cooking debuts the Macrowave Oven


Since its invention in 1945, the modern microwave has been a staple of many households. That may be about to change as Revolution Cooking is debuting the Macrowave Oven — a new device that combines the speed of a microwave and the cooking power of an oven.

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The Macrowave utilizes microwaves to heat the inside of your food, while the company’s InstaGLO technology crisps the outside at the same time. Doing so provides oven-like taste with less cooking time.

The Macrowave Oven from Revolution Cooking
The Macrowave Oven from Revolution Cooking.

Key features of the Macrowave Oven include:

  • InstaGLO® Heating Technology: Revolution Cooking’s patented InstaGLO® Heating Technology utilizes specialized alloys, engineered design, and intelligent algorithms to cook food faster, smarter, and tastier with multiple cooking modes including microwave, oven, convection, virtual rotisserie, broil, air fry, micro-Bake, micro-Air fry, crispy reheat, pizza oven and easy menu.
  • Simultaneous Cooking Modes: InstaGLO® operates alongside microwave and convection technologies like never before, reducing or eliminating preheat times and delivering amazing flavor. The Macrowave seamlessly switches between cooking modes, offering the flexibility to run them simultaneously for optimal results.
  • Touchscreen Navigation: Navigate your culinary journey effortlessly with the Macrowave’s large LCD touchscreen. Quickly toggle between settings, giving you ultimate control over your cooking experience.
  • Complete Cooking Solution with Accessories: Enhance your culinary prowess with a suite of accessories that come with the Macrowave – a glass tray for microwave use, perforated air fry basket, non-stick baking sheet, wire rack, and a temperature probe for precise meat cooking. Neatly store the pans under the Macrowave when not in use, with the probe conveniently attached to the side.

The Macrowave has 1800W of output and a .9 cu feet interior. The 7″ LCD touchscreen lets you choose between various cooking and combination modes. Some of the cooking modes include microwave, air fry, bake, convection bake, convection, broil, roast, toast, reheat, and virtual rotisserie. An Easy Menu option lets you quickly and easily cook baked potatoes, bacon, breakfast sandwiches, breakfast sausage, brownies, burritos, chicken nuggets and wings, french fries, hot pocket, pizza rolls, roasted potatoes, salmon fillet, tater tots, and pizza rolls.

The Macrowave Oven is expected to retail for $1,799 and comes with a glass microwave tray wire rack, perforated air fry basket, non-stick baking sheet, underneath tray storage, and a removable crumb tray.

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